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Bramble Berry Tales app review: the story of Kalkalilh



Mobile gaming is one of the best ways of entertaining your kids especially during weekends and holidays. Bramble Berry Tales is one such mobile application that was developed by Loud Crow Interactive Inc to help equip children with creativity skills. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English, Spanish, and French are the default language.

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Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalilh


What to Expect from Story of Kalkalih

Bramble Berry Tales is a fun gaming application that will keep your child entertained for hours as you carry out other chores in the house. It starts with Lily, one of the main characters, sneaking out of bed to meet her grandfather Mooshum who shares with her a cautionary tailed that is packed with foreboding surprises. She later on goes for an adventure with Thomas, one of her friends, where she learns valuable life lessons that your kid will also learn.

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One of the benefits of using this application is that children can follow the story scenes in French, Spanish, and English. In addition, they will get to learn more about the cultural traditions that are practiced in Squamish Nation. Despite the fact that some of the stories might be scarier to some children during the first days of using the app, they are friendlier than Gretel and Hansel fairy tales.

Best Features of Bramble Berry Tales

The vibrant and exciting storybook reading experience that this app offers is one of the major attributes that makes is unique. The developers worked hard and smart to come up with a charming and humorous way of narrating the story. This makes it extremely easy for children to grasp the story as well as learn life lessons that it is tailored to offer.

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Word highlight is another major feature that gives this application an upper hand. Your child will be able to highlight some of the words that he or she comes across for future reference. This will significantly help to improve his or her reading skills.

To move from one scene to another, all you need to do is slide the interface or tilt your device. The interface is very user friendly and is packed with excellent animations that will hone your child’s creativity and imagination capability.

More importantly, the story that is presented on this application is tailored to not only entertain the children but also help them learn the various life lessons. For instance, Lily and Thomas will get to know the reasons why they should retire to bed at night. 

Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalilh


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent animations that makes the story more fun and educational
  • No Internet access is required
  • Story is narrated in a humorous way that resonates with child’s understanding capability
  • Word highlighting feature to hone his or her reading skills


  • The stories might be scary to some children

Final Thoughts

Bramble Berry Tales is an awesome story-based application that you can use to teach children various valuable life lessons. No Internet access is required so you can use it anywhere in the world. 


Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalilh

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