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iDamage app review: get storm damage reports on your mobile device 2021



Weather has a unique way of catching us off-guard. It is imperative to have a storms app that will notify you of upcoming harsh weather conditions to protect yourself from extreme situations.

The best iPhone apps for storm alerts

iDamage is an app for storm damage developed by Inc to provide users with accurate reports about thunderstorms and other harsh weather conditions.

This good iPhone app for storm alerts is also compatible with the iPad. Check out our iDamage app review for more details.



Reliable Source of Imminent Harsh Weather Conditions Reports

iDamage is a superior weather reporting mobile application that you can count on to keep your on the know about various harsh weather conditions.

Best iphone and ipad apps

The reports are sourced from trained spotters, emergency responders, and the general public. The app is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to chase various severe weather conditions such as tornados and hailstorms in a bid to assist the community to stay safe.

The app has a number of special built-in features that enables it to detect upcoming storms. This means that you will be able to know when and where to go in order to capture the storm.

To ensure that you never miss an alert, the app uses push notifications; that is, the app will automatically notify you of any upcoming weather conditions as well as provide damage reports. Currently, the app covers the whole contiguous United States. 

Reliable Source of Imminent Harsh Weather Conditions Reports image

Best Features

Storm total precipitation is one of the major features that gives this iOS app an upper hand over all other weather mobile applications.

This feature will give you an opportunity to know the total amount of precipitation that is received in a particular part of the world by using a radar image.

The app also comes with a couple user-configurable filters that you can use to get notifications about weather conditions in specific states or areas. In addition, you can set it to notify you about one or two severe conditions such as high winds and tornados.

You can also use the auto-location feature on your mobile to set a filter if you are not conversant with the general weather conditions. For instance, you can filter push notifications by hail size.

The developers have also come up with an intuitive interface that lists all storm events in a simple table that is quite easy to understand. You just need to touch any of the cells in the table to get a hybrid map view.

If you have Maps application on your device, you can link it to this app to get clear directions to various locations where severe weather conditions are reported.

Best Features   image



Pros and Cons


  • Customizable filters
  • Email storm reports to friends through the app
  • Get information on storm total precipitation on a radar image


  • You can only use it in the United States

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iDamage the best severe weather reporting mobile application today. Use it to know all the weather conditions experienced in various parts of the world.


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