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iLoveCraft app review: put your integrity and bravery to the test



Horror movies and novels successfully give us a little view of the dark world that exists. iLoveCraft is an iOS application developed by Alchemy Games, one of the leading mobile application firms in the world. Its main objective is to test your sanity and bravery using horror stories. It is fully compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages are Spanish and English.

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Best Horror-Based Application

iLoveCraft will surely exhume your inner love for horror movies by giving you access to a world of HP LoveCraft. Here, you will get to read and understand five exciting and horrific stories that will put your bravery and sanity to the test. As you continue reading the book, you will come across a number of detailed illustrations that will help you better understand the stories. The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate a number of music tracks and sound effects that will help you focus.

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Howard Philips Lovecraft is the main resource that the developers used to come up with this app. Philips is well known for creating his own mythology, Cosmic Terror that generates massive popularity especially after his death. Almost all his stories provide details about forbidden knowledge and the influence of non-humans into humankind, destiny, and inherited guilt. Philosophers seem to believe that he was constantly worried about the various factors that threaten and endanger humanity in this world.

Best Features

The five horror stories are one of the major aspects that give iLoveCraft a higher cutting edge in the market. The stories are The Cats of Ulthar, The Beast in the Cave, The Terrible Old Man, The Statement of Randolph Carter, and Dagon. Each of these stories is carefully illustrated and crafted to ensure that readers get a clear understanding. As mentioned earlier, the developer uses high-definition illustrations to describe the various scenes.

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Another major attribute is the background sound effects. They are specifically tailored to come to life at specific sections of the story and it is almost impossible to foresee them. In addition, there is a number of sound tracks that will keep your entertained as go through the five stories. To get the best experience, it is recommendable to read one story per day.

The interface is quite user friendly and has horror graphic movies that will help instill terror. To avoid any confusion, each story is provided in one interface. You just need to click on any of them to read them. 



Pros and Cons


  • Amazing illustrations to help you understand the stories
  • No Internet access is required
  • Each story is different from the other
  • Can be used anywhere in the world


  • The stories may not be suitable to all users especially those who do not love horror movies and novels

Final Thoughts

iLoveCraft is an amazingly terrifying iOS app that will give you access to a dark world that you never thought existed. 



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