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Clay Maker app review: create funny Mickey and Minnie clay molds on your iPhone



Creating funny moldings using clay or Play Doh is a hobby to most children as they grow up. This activity helps to improve their creativity skills and stimulates their imagination. Clay Maker is an iOS application developed by Disney to give kids an opportunity to come up with moldings using virtual clay. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages are English, Danish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Japanese.

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Clay Maker: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Let your Kid Create Funny Mickey Molds Using Clay

Clay Maker is a kid’s iOS application that gives them unlimited access to Mickey Mouse Clayhouse. Here, they will find clay figures and shapes that they can use to transform their imagination into funny Mickey and Minnie moldings on your iPhone or iPad. There are hundreds of funny clay shapes so rest assured that they will find all the resources that they need to come up with funny Mickey Mouse characters.

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Once they are done creating the figure they can twist, inflate, and melt it to form a unique Squisher. To create the best gaming environment, the developer uses advanced technology that allows the kids to manipulate 3D clay molds using a number of sculpting tools. Each of the tools is labeled to help them select one that suits the kind of figure that they intend to create.

In addition, the app allows kids to save their clay creations in the Gallery to show off to their friends and family members. It is recommended for parents and guardians to motivate and encourage their kids to create more moldings to derive maximum benefits from this application.

Best Features

The wild and crazy Squishers is one of the major features that makes Clay Maker an ideal mobile application for kids. The Squishers include Inflaterator, Melter, and Twisterator. Each of these Squishers is designed to keep the child entertained for hours as you go about your house chores or wait at appointments or on long drives.

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Another major feature is the technology used to make this application. As mentioned earlier, Clay Maker has the ability to create 3D figures in minutes. There is no limit on the number that the kids can create.

Once they master the art of creating the molds, you can decide to purchase more such as Goofy, Pluto, Daisy and Donald from In-App Purchase. You will also find numerous new shapes, colors, and special Squishers that can noodle, slice, splatter, and even zap. You will also get a free bonus pack if you buy all the packs at a go. 

Clay Maker: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Pros and Cons


  • Allows kids to come up with 3D molds
  • Hundreds of fun clay shapes that they can use to create molds
  • Ability to save the complete creations in Gallery for future reference


  • It is not possible to share creations with friends through social media unless your first save them to your Camera Roll and save from there

Final Thoughts

Clay Maker is an ideal iOS application for kids who love creating funny clay figures and shapes.


Clay Maker: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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