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Influenster app review: ultimate source of unbiased products reviews 2021



When shopping either offline or online, it is advised to carry out an intensive background research on the products that you intend to purchase to get value for your time and money. And, now you can use a social networks app to accomplish this. 

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Influenster is a social networking app developed by Influenster to provide users with unbiased products reviews that they can use to make informed decisions.

This good iPhone app for social networking is also compatible with the iPad. Keep reading our Influenster app review for more details.

Influenster - Product Discovery and Reviews


Get Product Reviews from Real Customers

Influenster is a great iOS application that is dedicated to helping consumers purchase quality products by providing real and unbiased reviews and opinions. Simply put, this is a community of educated consumers, social media gurus, and trend-setters who are keen to identity quality products that exists in the market. 

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By downloading and installing this application, you will get access to over 5 million product reviews, videos, photos, and even Q&A pages.

You will also get an opportunity to interact with other community members, share ideas about a wide array of products, as well as receive exclusive invites to campaigns, sales promotions, and VoxBox.

The app also allows users to create an account and add a profile photo. There is also an intuitive dashboard that displays information such as ones social impact, snaps, age, location of the user, and the specific date that one joined the community.

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Best Features

One of the best features that Influenster iOS application offers is the intuitive interface. It is very easy to navigate the application so it is an ideal choice for both new and experienced users.

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For instance, you will clearly see all the icons that you should click on to upload a product review, photo or even start a campaign or promotion.

Barcode scanner is another major attribute that gives the app a higher cutting edge. Using your device’s camera, you can scan a product to get its reviews, prices and even a special Q&A page to help you make smart choices as your shop.

Since this application can be used anywhere in the world, the developers have put in place feature to help them meet the diverse clients needs.

Snaps is one such feature that is tailored to gather some background information about each member of the community through simple questions that one is required to answer. This information is later compiled and used to choose programs and offers that best suits you.

The app also has a special capability of tracking your activities in the app. As you continue using it, you will unlock trophies and badges. They will be displayed on your profile to showcase your skills and contribution to the community.

Best Features   image

Influenster - Product Discovery and Reviews


Pros and Cons


  • Gauge your impact on various social media platforms using its smart social impact feature
  • Provides unbiased reviews of millions of products


  • Rogue marketers can download the app and use it to post misleading product reviews in a bid to achieve their sales targets

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Influenster appears to be a great source of accurate product reviews. Use it today to make smart shopping decisions.

Influenster - Product Discovery and Reviews

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