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Literacy Leveler app review: gauge level of children books



It is of paramount importance to equip your child with reading skills at an early age to help him or her perform well in school. However, you need to cautious about the books that you use to nurture his or her skills to achieve this objective. FikesFarm, LLC has developed an iOS application, Literacy Leveler, that is tailored to help parents gauge the literacy level of children books. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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Literacy Leveler


Know Level of Each Children Book in your Bookshelf

Literacy Leveler is a simple yet very powerful and essential iOS application that can help parents and guardians to gauge the suitability of various books to their children's reading level. Since its introduction it has generated thousands of downloads and maintained a positive reputation in the market.

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To ensure that it delivers on its promises, the developers used the Guided Reading leveling systems. Therefore, you can be sure that the results it offers are accurate. All you need to do to know the literacy level of a book is scan its ISBN. Once you do that, the app will work to generate a rating for you in seconds.

Note that you must turn on your mobile device camera and focus it on the ISBN to get the best results. Your device also has to be connected to a reliable Internet connection as the app is tailored to search the ISBN in an online database. To start scanning you will see “Scan” icon below the interface that you should click on to initiate the process.

Best Features

One of the best features that gives Literacy Leveler a step up compared with other similar applications is that it has a huge database. There is virtually no children's book available today whose details are not included in the database. Mainly, it focuses on books that are ideal for children in Grades K through 8.

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The developer has also incorporated a special search feature that allows users to look for a particular book by just typing its title, level, or author. Again, the app works very fast so you do not have to wait for hours to find a particular book. All the book details are displayed in a font that is clear and readable. 

Finally, the app allows users to add an unlimited number of books to their personal library for future reference.

Literacy Leveler


Pros and Cons


  • Virtually all children's books are included in its database
  • Provides literacy level results in seconds
  • Ability to add some of the books to your own library folder


  • Cannot be used in areas with limited Internet connection

Final Thoughts

Literacy Leveler is an incredible iOS application that will help you to know if a particular book suits your child. It is relatively easy to use but your device has to be connected to the Internet. 


Literacy Leveler

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