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Tattoo Fonts app review: offering new design inspiration for tattoo artists 2021



Tattoo Fonts offers a rich collection of innovative and exciting new fonts for your tattoo designs. This tattoos app for iPhone allows you to apply special tattoo fonts to your texts and preview them on your mobile device.

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You can then use the texts found in this good iPhone app for tattoos as design patterns or simply share them to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Developed by, the tattoos app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Keep reading our Tattoo Fonts app review for more details. 

Tattoo Fonts - design your text tattoo


Create Special Tattoo Texts in a Few Taps

Traditionally, tattoo artists need to spend countless hours to create new text designs. They have to draw the fonts on their notepads and transfer them on stencils. Today, you can have a ready-made font design within seconds thanks to Tattoo Fonts.

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Tattoo Fonts is a catalog app that can be very useful for artists and every tattoo enthusiast. This app offers an impressive collection of exciting new fonts that you can apply to your text designs. It is the perfect tool for designing text-based tattoos.

The app is available as a premium download on the App Store. You can purchase it through Apple Pay and use it as one of your design toolkits.

When you launch Tattoo Fonts, you will be welcomed by a simple home screen with minimalist layout. Simply type a text into the input field and select a font size. The app will then open the font collection. All you need to do is to select a font and it will be automatically applied on your input text.

Tattoo Fonts displays the finished design on a white clean background. To save the design, you have to switch the view mode to full screen. When in full screen mode, take a screen shot and save the image in your device.

You can then share the new tattoo text via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also use the static image as a pattern and transfer it to your design stencil.

Best Features of Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo Fonts offers dozens of new and exciting fonts that belong to the Script typeset. The app allows you to change the size of the input texts before you apply any special font.

This app uses open type font technology with contextual character sets and stylistic alternates. It offers different capital letter options, lower case sets, and special character features. Some fonts even have extra design elements to make your tattoos more attractive and compelling.

Tattoo Fonts allows you to export created designs to your photo stream or camera roll. Saved images can be shared outside of the application and it can be used as design patterns. 

Best Features of Tattoo Fonts image

Tattoo Fonts - design your text tattoo


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with minimalist layout
  • Offers straightforward workflow with no complex navigation
  • Allows you to input special texts
  • Offers dozens of new and exciting font designs
  • Uses the latest font technology for creating artistic texts
  • Allows you to export designs as images
  • Integrates with the device's camera roll
  • Offers social sharing options


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Tattoo Fonts offers a treasure trove of new fonts for your next tattoo designs. It offers an impressive collection of text scripts with several character options. This is a must-have tool for all tattoo artists and designers. 

Tattoo Fonts - design your text tattoo

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