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Blurred Wallpapers app review: creating unique wallpapers becomes easier



Blurred Wallpapers is a photo enhancing app specifically designed for creating unique wallpapers and lock screens. It allows you to customize an image and use it to display your own personality. This app offers easy-to-use controls for creating colorful wallpapers, gradient designs, and blurred images. Developed by Apalon, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Blurred Wallpapers - Custom Backgrounds and Wallpaper Images


Show Your Unique Personality with Custom Wallpapers

Tired of using the same images and color schemes for your wallpaper and lock screen? Do you want something new to make your device unique? Then what you need is Blurred Wallpapers, a photo enhancing app that allows you to create your very own wallpaper design.

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Blurred Wallpapers is a premium app with no in-app purchase. You can make a one-time purchase and use the app in any way you want without restrictions.

This app offers three customization options for you. First, you can open the color picker palette to select or create unique color schemes for your device. You have the option to choose between Mono, Double, and Rainbow schemes. Simply move the slider bar and see the changes in real time.

Another option is the photo blur tool. Just select any photo or image in the device library and enhance it using the blur slider. You can also take a photo and use it as a background image with blur effect.

And lastly, you can choose the available artistic patterns in the app. It offers different patterns with varying depth, gradient, and color schemes. You can get new patterns with more edgy designs for every new update released by the developers.  

Best Features of Blurred Wallpapers

Blurred Wallpapers offers dozens of patterns including different gradient schemes and edgy designs. You can use any available pattern as home screen background or lock screen image. It also offers special patterns for holidays, seasons, and big events.

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This app offers a photo blur tool that allows you to create unique background images. It integrates with your device's camera roll so you can quickly import saved photos and images. It also allows you to use the device's camera for taking photos. You can then use these photos as background images with blur effects.

Blurred Wallpapers offers a built-in color palette for creating new color schemes. It allows you to use monotone colors with options for increasing brightness and tint. You can also use the app’s Double-color feature or Rainbow picker to create a more customized look for your wallpaper and lock screen.

And lastly, the app offers easy to use slider control feature. With just a few slides on your screen, you will be able to create a unique wallpaper design for your device. 

Blurred Wallpapers - Custom Backgrounds and Wallpaper Images


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with simple controls
  • Offers quick image blur tool
  • Allows you to choose different patterns
  • With built-in color picker for creating different color schemes
  • Allows you to share wallpapers via Facebook, Twitter, and email


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Blurred Wallpapers offers simple tools that allow you to customize your wallpaper and lock screen. You can use this app to make your device more unique and attractive. 


Blurred Wallpapers - Custom Backgrounds and Wallpaper Images

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