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Zen World app review: create relaxing sound tracks to reduce stress



Zen World is a meditation tool that allows you to create soothing soundtracks with different ambient sounds and background music. It offers pre-set melodies that you can splice together to create looping Zen music. You can use this app for your Yoga sessions or as a sleep enhancing tool for better relaxation. Developed by Franke Aplicativos, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Zen World


Develop Inner Peace with Zen World App

Numerous studies have shown that soothing melodies can enhance deeper focus and promote relaxation. That is why people who meditate always use soft music with soothing ambient sounds to achieve inner peace.

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By using the Zen World app, you will be able to easily create your own meditation soundtrack directly from your mobile device. This app offers dozens of pre-set music, Zen songs, and environment sounds that are perfect for your meditation sessions.

When launching the app, you will be welcomed by a beautifully designed home screen inspired by Zen design. The app’s user interface offers subdued colors with large icons for quick and easy access.

You can immediately use the app’s pre-set music by choosing any one of the eight complete songs from the playlist. The best part about this app is that you can add musical enhancements to the songs by selecting different effects such as nature sounds, bird sounds, wind chimes, and more.

To create your own loop, simply choose different melodies and splice them together. Add musical instruments and insert ambient sounds to create soothing soundtracks for mediations. With more than 100 unique sounds available in the app, the possible musical combinations that you can create with Zen World are endless.

Best Features of Zen World app

Zen World offers a Smart Multi-track system which you can use for creating different Zen soundtracks. You can use this built-in tool to mix different sound loops, effects, and instrumental music. The app allows you to create different soundtracks for different moods.

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This app offers more than 70 melodies that you can loop continuously. You can splice different melodies and create unique music that is suitable for your specific needs. The app allows you to mix as many melodies as possible and you can use them anytime.

Zen World offers 17 solo instruments including harp, guitar, piano, electronic organ, and many more. You can mix instrumental music with different environment sounds such as rain, light thunder, flowing river, beach ambiance, morning breeze, and more.

You can also use the app’s eight complete songs for your relaxation activities. Zen World allows you to enhance the songs with bird melodies, cricket effects, wind chimes, and other nature sounds.

And lastly, Zen World offers visual effects to enhance your meditation experience. You can add subtle lightning effects to your screen while playing the Zen music.

Zen World


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with impressive Zen design
  • Offers hundreds of pre-set music and sound loops
  • With unique Multi-track System for creating custom music
  • Offers complete songs, melodies, and nature sounds
  • Offers visual effects


  • It would be nice to add timers to control the music tracks
  • No social sharing option

Final Thoughts

Zen World is a small app that offers big benefits for users. It is a meditation tool that can be used for creating soothing soundtracks. If you want to reduce stress in your life, then Zen World is the perfect app for you. 


Zen World

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