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PTTool app review: every tool a personal trainer needs



If you’re a personal trainer you’re likely juggling a lot of clients and having a difficult time keeping all their session logs straight, especially if you’re one of those old-fashioned paper and clipboard fans! There are plenty of tools that can help you organize your client’s information in digital form but none are designed specifically to cater to a personal trainers unique set of needs until now. PTTool is a new app designed by a personal trainer, for personal trainers. It’s a pretty decent effort and it can be purchased from the App Store at a cost of $9.99. This app is compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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PTTool - Manage your personal training clients right from your pocket!


Easily Track Client Progress

There’s no doubt that tablets and smartphones have significantly changer our lives and mostly for the better. It stands to reason that an app would come along sooner or later that would make a personal trainers life a lot easier because replacing a clipboard with an iPad has a lot of benefits. PTTool is designed to let you track as many clients as you like, with all their session information, in one simple app. It has all the tools you’ll need to throw away that clipboard for good.

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One feature I really liked in this app was the built-in stopwatch. This isn’t a huge feature and you can certainly access a stopwatch on most devices; it’s just convenient that it’s built right into the app. I do think they could do a better job on the instructions, though. There is a brief walk-through but it doesn’t explain everything. There also appears to be a glitch in the routines tab. Sometimes when you tap on it you can only add the title of a routine; for example, if you exit out of it and re-enter it a couple of times eventually you have the option of entering your exercises for the routine. This is definitely something they’ll want to fix in future versions. This app will require 9.5 MB of free space on your iOS device.

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How it Works

When you open the app for the first time you will be given a brief walk-through of the app which goes over some of its important features. After that you can start adding clients by tapping on the clients icon in the bottom menu and then tapping on the + symbol in the top right corner to add your client. They prompt you to enter all of their basic information including name, age, height, phone number, and email. Once their contact information’s been entered you have the option of contacting them from right inside the app. This is another simple little touch which adds to the convenience of the app.

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Once your clients are set up in the app you can set up routines for them by tapping on the routines icon within their profile and you can also keep track of each one of their sessions including which routines they were working on during the session. Another nice feature is the ability to track trends in the sessions; this is great for updating your clients on their progress. 

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PTTool - Manage your personal training clients right from your pocket!


Pros and Cons


  • Easily track all your clients in one place
  • You can set up individual routines and track each session by each client
  • Built in stopwatch feature


  • Should include more comprehensive instructions
  • Appears to be a glitch when trying to access exercises within routines

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Final Words

There really hasn’t been a comprehensive app designed specifically for personal trainers until now. With the PTTool app you really can get rid of that pesky old clipboard once and for all. This app has all the features you’re looking for as a personal trainer. There are a couple of minor issues with the app but nothing too serious, certainly not anything that can’t be fixed.

PTTool - Manage your personal training clients right from your pocket!

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