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Wolf and the Seven Little Goats app review: an interactive bedtime fairy tale



Wolf and the Seven Little Goats is an interactive story book app for iPad that will keep your kids interested, help them learn to read, and entertain them all at the same time. With lots of interactive animations on each page, your kids are sure to enjoy this book.

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Wolf and the Seven Little Goats - Interactive Book


A Well-Designed Interactive Story

Wolf and the Seven Little Goats is a well-designed interactive story book for kids to enjoy any time of day, but I do like to engage my kids in a reading activity before bed. We will often sit down shortly after dinner, read through an interactive story together, but also be able to turn off the screens to be more conductive to better sleep.

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This app has a nice way of flowing, with the words appearing line by line so the child can follow more easily. The only problem is the pop-up ads that occasionally cover the words. This is quite annoying, but can be avoided by making the in app purchase.

Great Animation

Wolf and the Seven Little Goats has great animations on each page. Readers can light lamps, pull curtains together, or help the lamb hide. There are great special effects, and the app has a gentle touch such as sliding the scenery outside the window. I also like that if you prefer to read at night, there is a sleep mode. This dims the screen so that it isn’t as bright at night during bedtime routines.

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The story is engaging for kids and also keeps adults happy. Parents like to see their kids interested in reading, and love it when they can see their kids thrilled at learning. I haven’t seen an interactive learning tool that was as engaging as the iPad to date. I tried the Leap Pad, the Leapster, and other hand-held devices such as the Nintendo DS, and while there are many educational games for each, the iPad simply has a much greater selection with a much more intuitive interface for kids to be engaged and continue learning.

Wolf and the Seven Little Goats - Interactive Book


Pros & Cons


  • Interactive animation
  • A great story told to keep kids reading
  • Engaging and entertaining


  • The pop-up ads sometimes appear over the text, making it unreadable

Final Thoughts

Wolf and the Seven Little Goats is an iPad interactive book that will have your kids reading, listening, and interacting with literacy. It is a truly great story, and a well-designed interactive story book. I love this line of books to read with my kids, and look for them on the free list regularly. The usual fee of $4.99 isn’t bad for a children’s book, and this one also includes hours of interactive activities. Overall, it is well-designed, well-illustrated, and engaging for kids. This app is a winner in our house.


Wolf and the Seven Little Goats - Interactive Book

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