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Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure review: fun with fairy tales



If you were fond of fairy tales growing up then there’s a good chance you’ll be a fan of Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure. This app combines your favorite fairy tales with a game of find the hidden object. It’s a great new twist on a classic type of children’s game. If you’ve ever played Where’s Waldo then you’ll figure this one out in no time and you’ll have fun doing it. This is a great game for adults to play with their children: it’s always nice to find something you can do together. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure


Down the Rabbit Hole

Hidden object games are always a favorite with children. The challenge for a developer is making it difficult enough that they won’t get bored, but so difficult that they give up in frustration. Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure app does a great job of this and it combines the gameplay with familiar background characters taken right out of classic fairy tales that every child will know. It’s a winning combination that makes this app one of the better one’s available in this category.

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There are a couple of things that are a little annoying in this app, though. First, it does take quite a while to boot up which is never fun for anyone especially children with short attention spans. The other thing that I didn’t like about this one was the amount of hoops you have to jump through just to get to the next story. The developer has combined the hidden object portion of the game with an underlying story of an evil fairy tale character that has created mistakes in the fairy tales you have to get rid of by finding the hidden objects in each tale. You’re also expected to build your forest in the process. The problem is you have to complete these tasks before you can continue on to the next puzzle. For a child that just wants to play a hidden object game this is bound to get a little frustrating.

How to Play

Each time you open the app you’ll be given a brief introduction to the storyline after which you can start off wherever you left off. There are dozens of different fables but most of them are locked. To unlock a new fable you must collect crystal roses which you can do by completing fables successfully, or through in-app purchases. Each fable contains a series of hidden objects which don’t belong in the story: it’s your job to find them and remove them. Once you’ve found all the objects you’ve completed the fable. You can play each fable as many times as you like.

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In between finding the hidden objects in fables you’re also expected to build your home within the forest, which is sort of a side game within the game. Doing this successfully can help you to collect more crystal roses, which will unlock more fables. You can skip this process if you like and stick to the fables, but it will take you longer to unlock each fable. The graphics and sound effects in this one are a lot of fun and your children will definitely enjoy it.

Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure


Pros and Cons


  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Includes all your favorite fairy tale characters
  • Gameplay is challenging, but not so much so that children will become disinterested


  • Takes a while to boot up
  • The build-your-forest portion of the game may not be for everybody 

Final Words

Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure app is a fun hidden object game that includes all your favorite fairy tale characters. It’s a great game for Mom and Dad to use to spend a little quality time with their children. It combines great graphics and great gameplay into a winning combination. The extra story line may be a little frustrating but your child can always skip this and head right into the hidden object portion of the game. 


Fablewood: The Hidden Object Adventure

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