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Animate Yourself 3D app review: become the star of your own animated videos



It’s refreshing when you come across an app that’s something just a little bit different in the App Store. Animate Yourself 3D is that type of app: it isn’t just another routine game, it’s an entertainment experience that people of all ages can have fun with. If you’ve ever wanted to star in a music video then now’s your chance. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Animate Yourself 3D - Dance Video Maker


Fun with Animation

We all have a fascination with pictures of ourselves and of those that we love and that fascination has become part of our everyday world. With our smartphones in our pocket all the time we rarely miss an opportunity for a great picture. With Animate Yourself 3D you can take your best pictures of yourself and your loved ones and turn them into an animated video complete with music and dancing animated characters. There aren’t a lot of competitors for this app: it’s pretty unique.

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The most disappointing thing for me in this app is the way it handles ads. As soon as you open the app you’re a captive audience for the developer's sponsor of choice. Before you can get started using the app you have to watch their 30 second video; there’s no way to close it and move on. There’s nothing wrong with developers trying to make money from their apps but there are certainly less annoying ways to do it. It’s also worth noting that while the app is free, a lot of its functionality can only be unlocked by taking advantage of in-app purchases. This app will require at least 92.4 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

It’s surprising how easy it is to create your own videos with Animate Yourself 3D. When you open up the app you’ll see two options for creating your videos: Custom Video, and Quick Video. To get an idea of how the app works it’s probably best to try the Quick Video option the first time you use the app. In this version all you have to do is select four pictures from your photo library to get things started, name your four actors, give your video a title, hit finish, and watch your animated video come to life. Once you’ve watched it you can tap on share to send it to others if you like.

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If you want more control over the video production you’ll want to use the Custom Video option. This option allows you to pick the characters, type of dance, add your headshots to the characters faces, pick the background scenery, and add a speaking bubble to give your character a little more life. There are also in-app purchases available if you want to add more customized characters. The video is divided into four separate scenes and you can customize each one of them. Once you’re done you’ll want to give your video a title and name your four characters again and then hit finish to admire your handy work. The music is pretty decent and you can also add any song from your own library if you prefer although this takes a little while to load. It really is a lot of fun and everyone will have a good laugh watching themselves dance in your animated video. 

Animate Yourself 3D - Dance Video Maker


Pros and Cons


  • Create customized videos with your own pictures
  • Can create videos with automated options or customize each scene
  • You can use your own songs as the background for the video
  • Lots of character options and customizable dance moves


  • Ads must be viewed before using the app
  • When using your own songs loading times are slow

Final Words

Almost everyone’s thought about what it would be like to star in their own video and with the Animate Yourself 3D app now you can have your chance. This is a fun little app with lots of customizable options that will keep you entertained for hours. This one’s definitely worth checking out.


Animate Yourself 3D - Dance Video Maker

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