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Sprint Social app review: get your sprint sessions in and be accountable to friends



Sprint Social is an iPhone and Apple Watch app that will help you track your short distance running. Sprinting has been shown to be more beneficial in weight loss than long distance running, and has been taking a huge rise in popularity.

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Sprint Social


First of its Kind

Sprint Social is the first short distance running app in the App Store. It allows you to race your friends anywhere, any time. Using the proven benefits of short bursts of running, or high intensity interval training (HIIT), and the motivation of exercising with friends, you can get yourself up off the couch and training for whatever your fitness goals may be. Getting together on a regular basis with friends has an addictive component, and this helps you to train more efficiently. Based on this, the app allows you to share your results with friends. When you don’t share, they know you haven’t done your sprinting.

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Also, there’s no need to pace out a new area. Sprint Social will do that for you! It uses the motion sensors in your iPhone and when you hit 100m it will vibrate, then signal when it’s time to sprint again. I love this! I usually use the fire hydrants as a guide, but when they’re on the other side of the road it’s a bit harder to see and remember, or, uh, cheat.

Optimized for New Apple Watch

Sprint Social is also ready to go on your shiny new Apple Watch. This means that it can track your pulse as well as other measurements! There are badges to earn for your efforts, and you can share your progress on Facebook to inspire others to join you. Friends will see your workouts, remember that it’s their day to sprint, and head out to keep up to you. Friends keep friends accountable.

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If you’re more of an introvert, then the app will still keep you posted on your progress to see how you’re investing in your well-being. Look back at your achievements even if you don’t want to share, or if you’re not ready to share yet. If you are feeling social, then challenge a friend to a sprint and see who’s the fastest.

Sprint Social


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Tells you when you’ve sprinted 100m and when it’s time to slow down until the next sprint
  • No markers or pacing needed
  • Challenge friends
  • Track your progress
  • Earn awards


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Sprint Social is an iPhone and Apple Watch app that will help you get in your sprint sessions. It’ll remind you, and your friends can challenge you. If you don’t want to share your sprints, then no problem, just track your own progress to see how your investment in your well-being is paying off. I love doing sprints versus long distance running, as I see the weight-loss and cardio improvement quickly. Overall, I look forward to training with this app as it looks promising.


Sprint Social

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