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Religion Simulator - God Games app review: build your own religion



Simulation games are extremely popular and highly addictive. There’s something about having the power to build the world in your own image that appeals to a lot of people. The best of these types of games provide you with a lot of versatility to build your own families, civilizations, and empires; attention to detail is imperative. With so many apps in this category it’s rare for an app to introduce something entirely new, but that’s exactly what the developers of Religion Simulator - God Games have done. This game gives you the task of creating and establishing a world religion and the challenge is trying to make your religion the dominant one on the planet. This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $2.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Religion Simulator - God Games


Challenging Gameplay

If you’re familiar with games like The Simms, Civilization, or Age of Empires it won’t take you long to figure out Religion Simulator - God Games. They all rely on coming up with the strategy to mold the world as you see fit; this one just does it from a religious perspective that’s quite unique. When you consider how important religion has been in the development of the world it’s probably surprising no one’s created an app like this earlier.

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What I really liked about this app was its clear and concise tutorial as it actually walks you through every aspect of gameplay, step-by-step. This was really refreshing and made it much easier to get into the game. Having said that the graphics are pretty basic: the whole game revolves around a globe separated into different tiles to be influenced. There is Game Center integration in this app which makes it possible to compare how you’re doing with other users. This app will require MB of available space on your iOS device. 

How to Play

Each tile on the globe represents a population center: some are more populated than others, some areas are wealthier than others, and some are more educated than others. Each of these categories can affect how easy it is to gain religious influence over that particular tile. To spread the word of your religion you need to have coins to purchase weapons, buildings, and religious influence. With weapons you can destroy the influence of the rival religions; in the game there will be two other rival religions that you have to compete against for influence. Building temples is important to help strengthen the faith of your believers and building treasuries allow you to expand your income.

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These are all the real tangible aspects of your religion, but every religion must be built upon strong ideology. To strengthen your religion's ideology you have to collect god tokens which appear on the globe from time to time. These tokens can then be used to unlock religious properties on the Tree of Life. The more properties you can unlock the stronger your religion will grow. The overall idea is to create a religion with strong foundations that has enough wealth for healthy expansion so that you can eventually dominate the globe. 

Religion Simulator - God Games


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent tutorials do a good job of explaining gameplay
  • Contains a lot of detail
  • Game Center integration


  • Graphics are quite basic

Final Words

If you like simulation games but you’re looking for something just a little bit different you may want to give Religion Simulator - God Games a try. This app lets you attempt to achieve world domination by establishing the most powerful religion on the planet. It’s an interesting effort that requires you to consider each part of your strategy carefully. If you’re not careful your religion will quickly become just another flash in the pan.


Religion Simulator - God Games

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