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BackTube app review: allowing YouTube to play in the background



BackTube is a special app for YouTube that allows you to play music and videos in the background. It offers all the basic functions and features of a music player including playlist support, repeat mode, playback control, and many more. With BackTube, you can open other apps while listening to your playlist. Developed by Cocopok, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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The Music App that Allows You to Multitask

Most YouTube player apps for mobile don’t support multitasking. Even the official YouTube application stops playing your playlist when you open other apps. This is where BackTube comes in handy.

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BackTube is a special media player for YouTube that supports multitasking. It can play music in the background even when you close its main interface. So you get to enjoy hours of good music while doing other tasks on your mobile device.

The app is available for free on the App Store. When you launch BackTube, it will load a list of trending videos on YouTube. The app’s home screen has three tabs that give you access to Today’s videos, a Weekly list, and a Channel list.

You don’t need to log-in to your Google account to access the app’s content. But if you want to sync your online playlists with BackTube, then you can log-in to YouTube from the app using your Google user ID.

BackTube is a simple application with an intuitive layout and workflow. Just select a playlist and tap the play button to listen to your favorite music collection. This app will continue to play in the background even if you open other applications.

To return to your playlist, just tap the BackTube’s widget to open its media player. This app supports a number of playback controls including pause, rewind, forward, and repeat. You can access these controls from the app’s media player. 

Best Features of BackTube

BackTube offers a full-featured playlist manager. It allows you to select existing playlist on YouTube and place them in your own playlist. It even allows you to rename playlists for easy recall.

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This app offers an integrated log-in feature so you can access YouTube using your Google account. You will be able to sync your existing online playlists with the mobile player after you log-in.

BackTube offers a built-in media player with basic playback control. It allows you to pause, forward, and replay music videos. You can also activate the app’s repeat mode to enjoy continuous looping music.

And lastly, BackTube offers a built-in search tool so you can find your favorite video on YouTube in no time. It allows you to search by keywords and the app will automatically populate the screen with relevant results. 

Tubey - Playlist Manager for YouTube


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple workflow
  • Offers built-in media player and search tool
  • Allows you to play music in the background
  • Offers access to trending videos, channels, and playlists on YouTube
  • With repeat mode for continuous playback


  • Pop-up ads
  • Does not support YouTube’s category search

Final Thoughts

BackTube is a special YouTube media player for your iOS device. It allows you to listen to your playlist even if you open other apps.


Tubey - Playlist Manager for YouTube

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