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GarageSale app review: smart way of creating eBay auction



This is one of the best online platforms that you can use to auction items on eBay. However, creating an auction that successfully sells your product can be somewhat of a challenge especially if you are new to this.  GarageSale helps to make this process easier, while making your finished product look professional.  It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. However, most people prefer using it on the iPad. 

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Create a Professional eBay Auction that Attracts Buyers

GarageSale is an advanced iTunes application that is designed to help you make money by auctioning stuff through eBay. Since its introduction into the mobile applications market, it has generated thousands of downloads from all across the globe.

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Ideally, to make sales, you need to have good images of your products, a comprehensive description, and a professional HTML listing that stands out from the rest of the sellers. The developers did a great job by creating a number of templates that you can use to design an ideal auction in minutes. No need to worry if you have no experience, as this app will walk you through the whole process.

The first step entails typing in the title and subtitle of your auction. Then you will insert photos of all the products that you want to sell. Currently, the app allows users to upload up to 5 photos of the products by using their hosting service for free. You can also use eBay hosting at a fee.

Create a Professional eBay Auction that Attracts Buyers image

GarageSale's Best Features

You can import images from your album or Dropbox. However, you have to upload the images one at a time, as it does not allow an uploading of multiple images at one time. Once the images are uploaded, you can go ahead and select the categories to best list your auction. Be sure to write a captivating and accurate description to give clients an idea about the product and hook them.

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Templates is another major feature that makes this app stand out from its competition. Choose one that best matches the kind of products that you are selling. The developers seemingly thought of every detail in the eBay process because they did a great job with creating these professional looking templates. Finally, it is important to point out that your device has to be connected to the Internet to create the auction.




Pros and Cons


  • Offers a wide range of templates
  • No limit on the number of auctions that you can create on the app
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Secure


  • You cannot upload multiple images at the same time

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

GarageSale HD is a reliable iTunes application that you can use to auction items through eBay like a professional. This is one of the easiest buy and sell apps for Ebay users on the iOS platform. 


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