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Paris Pastry Guide app review: discover the best pastry chocolate and candy shops in Paris



There are hundreds of pastries shops in Paris with all of them boasting of mouth watering goodies.  However, getting to know the specific location of each of shop and what they offer, can be difficult especially to people who are visiting this beautiful city for the first time. Secrets of Paris has developed an app, Paris Pastry Guide, to give you the scoop on the multitude of pastry shops in Paris. It's compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and has a default language of English.

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Paris Pastry Guide


Get Details of Various Paris Candy Shops

Paris Pastry Guide is a reliable iTunes application that is designed to provide users with information on over 300 of the best pastry shops in Paris. Each of them is handpicked by a pastry chef and the main author David Lebovitz. One of the highlights of using this application is that it comes with a smart interface that clearly groups the various pastry shops depending on the recipes that they offer. For instance, to get information on chocolate pastry shops, all you have to do is click on the “Chocolates” icon that is displayed in the main interface.

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Alongside each shop, there are a number of original photographs, a review that is written by David Lebovitz, correct address, closest metro station, telephone, opening hours, map location, and website that you can access to get more insight on their products.

Best Features of Paris Pastry Guide iTunes Application

One feature that makes this app stand out is the dynamic maps. Unlike other similar applications, you are able to access these maps even when offline. The maps cover some of the common locations, so using them to drive to the shop will not be a problem.

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It also has an in-built GPS that you can use to find all shops close to your location. All you need to do is click on “Nearby” icon. Note, this app works best when your device is connected to the internet. Cloudy or rainy weather conditions can affect accuracy of the results it generates. You can also add some of the shops to your favorite list for future reference.

The description about each of the shops is easy to understand and to get a clearer perspective on what they offer. To save on time, the shops are listed in alphabetical order. You do not have to scroll through the entire list, just type the name of the shop in the “search” tab to get its location. 

Paris Pastry Guide


Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive map to help you locate the shop
  • Accurate description of every candy shop
  • GPS that tracks all shops close to your location
  • Dynamic search feature, you can search by district or name of the shop
  • Glossary packed with English definitions for typical French pastry and baking terms


  • None

Final Thoughts

Paris Pastry Guide is an advanced iTunes application that you can use to find the location of various pastry shops in Paris. It's great for tourists or new residents of the city. Enjoy the best pastries in Paris by downloading this app today.


Paris Pastry Guide

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