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Tagspire app review: never be left guessing who made it again



Tagspire is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you share your favorite products. If you love tagging people in your Facebook photos, you’ll love tagging your objects too!

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Follow Friends to Know Who They Wear

Tagspire is the latest tagging app that will help you to share your inspiration with others. Snap a photo then tag your pants, earrings, shirt, shoes, or anything else to share who it’s by. Love Coach? Tag the company on your bag! Love the latest Nikes? Tag it too. All you have to do is snap, tag, and share and if someone buys an item directly from your post you earn cash! Seriously! You make a commission from selling the items you love! Don’t forget to follow your friends, family, and other trend-setters to discover your next obsession, be inspired to a new style, and shop directly from the photos.

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Three Tags to Add

Tagspire has three main tag families. There’s the sell tag that answers where you got the item, and then creates a quick and easy buy option. No more Googling for the item online; it’s ready to go! The next option is the video tag which gives you a chance to show a product in action such as your latest work out gear. Post a YouTube link right on the image! Finally, there’s the link tag that will let you share anything you want whether it’s a link to your review blog, your social media profile, or another favorite product, it's your choice.

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This app is a promotional- and consumer-based idea that makes shopping fun, easy, and gives you inspiration. You can follow your favorite celebrities to know what they’re wearing, and hopefully some knock-off options so you don’t completely break the bank! You can follow your big sister if she’s the fashionista in the family, and you can follow your favorite sports stars if you want to get decked-out in the same gear as they wear too. I remember my friends wanting to wear the same hockey gear as their favorite players, and they’d painstakingly watch the games to figure out what pads, sticks, skates, and so on they would wear. Now, just follow them in this app and you’re set!



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Consumerism meets social media
  • Easy to use
  • Fun if you’re a fashion follower
  • Fun to know what gear your sports heroes are wearing


  • Very consume-based and definitely feeds the monster

Final Thoughts

Tagspire is an iPhone and iPad social media app that makes tagging your favorite items even easier than Facebook. You can even make a bit of money if someone purchases an item based on your photo! It’s a fun app to explore whether it’s for the fashion, the sports gear, or just to be inspired. Overall, the idea is fun, and there is definitely a potential in this area in the consumerism-based society that is alive today.


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