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Taplet app review: grab a great still photo from your videos



Taplet is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you get awesome HD photos from your videos. Record or upload your iPhone, GoPro, Snapchat, Canon, or any other footage and simply tap to pull out your favorite pictures.

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Taplet - HD photos from iPhone, GoPro, or Snapchat


Grab Still Photos From Your Videos

Have you ever shot a video and then wished you had some still shots to print and frame? Taplet will help you with this. I have had many times where I was taking a video of the kids jumping on the trampoline, singing that famous birthday song, or running towards me with huge smiles and hair flying. I get home and realize that I don’t have any photos of the day to set on my homescreen nor on my computer desktop. I also love having photos of my kids all around my desk, work space, and so on. Thanks to Taplet, I can now pull those still images out of the videos to remember the moment.

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I also love that the photos are of such a high quality. With some other apps in the past, I’ve had blurry images that I just couldn’t be proud of, but with Taplet, I get a great, crisp image that I can proudly put up on my Facebook wall, or where ever else I want to share it. I love seeing the hair flying in all directions, the huge ear-to-ear smiles, and more.

Pull Out as Many Photos as You Want

Taplet allows you to pull out as many photos as you want from the video. Record at 60, 120, and 240 frames per second and then load any of your videos to grab still shots. You can retouch images right in the app so you don’t need an additional editing tool. Save and share at full-resolution which is much better than a screen shot that would have been a prior option.

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If you’re not a parent, you can grab great stills at parties, concerts, and live events. Capture perfect selfies by making a video of yourself looking awesome, and get epic photos from your GoPro stunts. Snap stills while surfing, skateboarding, biking, you name it! If you’re a pet lover, you can always get that great picture of your critters, too!

Taplet - HD photos from iPhone, GoPro, or Snapchat


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use with the tap and drag motions
  • Great quality photos versus screenshot
  • Edit your photos right in the app
  • Supports GoPro, Snapchat, Canon and many more options


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Taplet is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you grab great still photos from video. If you’ve taken an amazing video of your kids doing fun stuff, or if you’ve just done an amazing stunt on your new BMX, this app will help you grab the best profile picture you can with ease. Teens love it for the perfect selfie and parents love it for the perfect photo of their kids. It’s a great app all around.


Taplet - HD photos from iPhone, GoPro, or Snapchat

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