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Locked Folder Free app review: offering a secure locked folder to protect your information



Locked Folder Free is a secure storage solution designed to protect sensitive information on your mobile device. This app uses MD5 encryption technology and allows you to create five types of pass codes. You can use it to protect your photos, videos, notes, passwords, bookmarks, and files. It offers a built-in private browser so you can hide your internet activities. Developed by One Wave AB, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Locked Folder Free - Password protect your photos, videos, notes, files, and contacts.


Adding Extra Layers of Security for Your Mobile Device

You can protect the content of your iOS device by creating a passcode for the home screen. But sometimes, the native Apple security feature is not enough to deter other people from accessing your sensitive files and information.

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By using Locked Folder Free, you will be able to add extra layers of security to protect the files stored in your mobile device. This app is offered as a free download with several in-app purchase options to unlock all key features.

When you install the app, a secure folder will be created in your device. It is like a containerized storage where you can keep your files, photos, videos, contacts, passwords, and other sensitive items in your device.

You can easily set-up a passcode for the Locked Folder from the settings menu. The app allows you to create five different types of pass codes including PIN, dot pattern, and alphabetical lock. After setting-up the passcode, all files and data stored inside the Locked Folder will be protected. 

Best Features of Locked Folder Free

Locked Folder offers cutting edge security encryption using MD5 technology. This is a popular cryptographic function widely used in most applications and software solutions. It produces 128-bit encryption that prevents unauthorized access to certain files and folders.

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The app offers a secure containerized solution so you can safely store your multimedia files, documents, bookmarks, and passwords. It has a built-in notepad so you can keep a private and highly secured diary.

One of the most useful features of Locked Folder is the built-in internet browser. This browser always opens in private surfing mode. It does not keep a record of your browsing history and will never cache the pages you visit. When you close the secret browser, all your internet activity will be permanently deleted from the device.

Another great feature of the app is the intrusion alert function. The app will send an alert to your nominated email address whenever someone tries to hack into your files or folders.

And lastly, Locked Folder Free allows you to create different types of pass codes including numeric keys, pattern codes, and alphabetic passwords.

Locked Folder Free - Password protect your photos, videos, notes, files, and contacts.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with no complicated set-up
  • Automatically creates a secure folder
  • Allows you to store multiple file types
  • The latest encryption technology
  • Has a built-in secret browser
  • Secured note pad
  • Offers automated intrusion alert


  • Requires in-app purchase to unlock all features
  • Does not have a password recovery option.

Final Thoughts

Locked Folder Free adds extra layers of protection for your iOS device. It offers a secured containerized storage where you can keep your sensitive information. This is a good app for those who need to secure their mobile data. 


Locked Folder Free - Password protect your photos, videos, notes, files, and contacts.

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