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Double Dragon Trilogy app review: offering the classic street fighting game for iOS devices



Double Dragon Trilogy is a classic side-scrolling fighting game that belongs to the ‘beat-em-all’ genre. It is one of the most iconic arcade games of the '80s originally ported for NES-based gaming consoles. This iOS version brings together the three-part Double Dragon Series. Developed by DotEmu, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Double Dragon Trilogy


Experience the Intense Beat-em-All Action with Double Dragon Trilogy

When Double Dragon debuted in 1987, it immediately created a new gaming niche called beat-em-all action adventures. It was one of the most popular arcade games at that time and it spawned two more standalone series: Double Dragon Revenge and The Rosetta Stone.

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Double Dragon Trilogy is the modern iOS version that faithfully recreates the look and feel of the original game. It is a compilation of the Double Dragon Series so you get to enjoy all three games in one app.

This game features two brothers, Jimmy and Billy, who are both martial arts experts. The adventure starts when the Black Shadow Gang kidnaps Billy’s girlfriend, Marian. This incident pushes the two brothers to look for Marian in a seemingly impossible rescue mission.

While searching for Marian, the Double Dragon heroes will have to fight street thugs and gangsters. They have to beat their adversaries in order to rescue Marian.

The app offers two game modes: arcade gaming and story mode. In the arcade game, your main objective is to accumulate high points by beating as many thugs as possible. To follow the storyline, you can choose the story mode and unlock different levels.

The app allows two-player cooperative gameplay. You can invite a friend and play the game via Bluetooth. 

Best Features of Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy offers the complete versions of the original Double Dragon Series. It faithfully restores the game’s storyline, fighting scenes, and the side-scrolling view.

This app offers three difficulty levels: mobile arcade, original game, and expert level. You can choose between single player and two-player game. The app also allows you to choose between the story mode and arcade gaming.

One of the best features of Double Dragon Trilogy is the fully customizable on-screen control. The app allows you to change the size and position of the virtual joystick.

Another great feature of this game is the live leaderboard. You can compete against other players in the Game Center by getting the highest scores. You can also unlock achievements by completing the different boss levels.

And lastly, the Double Dragon Trilogy app offers two types of background music. You can choose between the original 8-bit background music and the more modern re-mastered soundtrack. 

Double Dragon Trilogy


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a faithful recreation of the original Double Dragon franchise
  • Offers an improved user interface optimized for mobile gaming
  • Allows you to customize the virtual joystick
  • Allows cooperative play via Bluetooth
  • With leaderboard competition
  • Offers different achievements


  • Violent scenes may not be suitable for younger players
  • Side-scrolling action limits player maneuverability.

Final Thoughts

Double Dragon Trilogy offers a complete compilation of the original Double Dragon Series. This app recreates the classic game including the two dimensional side-scrolling view. If you are an old fan of Double Dragon, then this is a good game for you. 


Double Dragon Trilogy

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