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Sriously app review: keep your entertainment and celebrity gossip recent



Sriously is an iPhone and iPad app that will be your entertainment news hub while on the go. There are photos, stories, and more all in a single place to help you keep up with the latest juicy celebrity news. This app is free, has been recently updated,  and is only 4.1 MB in size. 

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Keep Your Gossip Current

Sriously will help you to keep up to date on all of the recent celebrity and entertainment news. There are photos, stories, and more to keep you in the know, so when you are talking about the latest oddity or celebration with your friends, you know what just happened. You might even know before your friends! You can read a story on your favorite celebrity or share it with a friend, all while on the go with your mobile device. No waiting for it to come up in your Facebook Newsfeed, or arrive in your email box, the app will notify you when something of interest have been published, and you will know instantly too.

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Due to the app keeping you up to date, you are always ready for a good gossip session with your girlfriends. If you are curious, but don’t regularly gossip, that’s not a problem either. Just set the notifications to off, or you can opt for the notification icon on the home-screen. That way, you know there’s news, but you’re not in a rush or being alerted during an important business meeting.

Mobile News

Sriously will keep you up to date on your mobile device. This is great because we have gone from checking newspapers and magazines to relying heavily on our mobile devices. There aren’t that many people who read the news in a newspaper anymore because you can get the articles on your device for free or at least less than a traditional newspaper. Also, old school papers create clutter, so having the ability to keep recent articles with your device and not have clutter is a big deal! Well, at least to me. 

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I also like how easy it is to navigate this app. When you’re on the go, you don’t always have time to be looking back and forth from page to page to find your article. If I’m notified of an article of interest, I want to get there now, not in a few minutes when I dig it up. Sriously makes this possible.



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lots of current news for all your gossip needs
  • Notification options so you can have it as obtrusive or subtle as you’d like


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Sriously is an iPhone and iPad app that will keep you up to date for all of your entertainment and celebrity news. Be ready for the next gossip session with your girlfriends, and be in the know possible before anyone else! Sriously is updated regularly and will keep you recent with whatever news you need. Overall, a good app if you like to follow celebrities, and easy to use too.



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