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Cardiio - Heart Rate Monitor app review: measure your heart rate 2021



There could be no better way to help monitor your heart rate than the Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor app. Most doctors recommend the use of this amazing heart monitor app, which has featured in the popular top ten apps and in various newspapers and news.

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Recent updates have improved the overall performance of this iPhone heart monitor app. Keep reading our Cardiio - Heart Rate Monitor app review to see if this is one of the best heart monitor apps for iPhone and iPad.

Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor


Instant Heart Rate Monitor

According to many people this is the best app to use if you need to monitor to your heart to ensure that you remain healthy. To monitor your heart rate, just hold the phone or tablet in front of you and gently cover the rear camera with your fingers. 

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Blood absorbs light. Every time your heart beats, the blood flow to your finger increases, causing more light to be absorbed. In between beats, less light is absorbed.

By using your smartphone camera to capture tiny changes in reflected light from your finger, cardiio rhythm app can calculate your heart rate. Cadiio app calculations are fast and precise. It takes a few seconds to read the pulse.

To ensure that you take accurate and exact readings, ensure that you are in a well-lit area to illuminate your face best. Do not have anything covering your face and ensure that the background is not bright because that tends to darken your face.

When measuring the pulse, hold your phone steady to reduce motions to ensure that you take accurate measurements.

Instant Heart Rate Monitor image

Best Features

One of the reasons why most people prefer Cardiio aplication is the fact that you are able to get your fitness rating depending on your heart rate. You are also able to calculate the endurance score and your life expectancy.

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Cardiio has a built-in fitness program that you can use from any location that you choose. The program involves a 7-minute workout that has 12 exercises that you can perform. The exercises are easy to perform as they come detailed with explanations.

After the workout, you will be able to tell how many calories you have burnt based on general information you have input previously.

The other great feature of Cardiio app is that is allows you to synchronize with other applications such as Apple Health and run keeper.

With this app, you can be able to rate yourself basing on your history. To enjoy this application more, challenge your friends and share it on social sites such as Facebook.

Best Features   image

Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor


Pros and Cons


  • It is reliable and effective
  • It gives accurate and fast results
  • You can use it from any location
  • It is possible to synchronize it with other applications


  • Nothing negative

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

You should use Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor every day that you work out. It offers many benefits and it is very insightful, especially to hep you getting more information about your cardio health.

It has a great rating and most people regard it as the application that works miracles for their health and fitness. Try it and you will be glad with the results that you will get.

Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor

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