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GymStream app review: get the perfect music mix for your workout free



GymStream - Free Workout Music is an iPhone and iPad app that will play music to motivate you through your workouts. It never stops, and will play music from hip-hop to rock, '90s to oldies, dubstep to classical.

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GymStream - Free Workout Music


Listen to Music to Power Your Workout

GymStream will play music for your workout, and never stop. This is awesome because even when you create your own playlists, or turn on Genius, your music will eventually stop. Some workouts are long and hard, and you don’t want to have to stop to change the music. The mixes are created by talented DJs from around the world and are made to keep your energy consistent and regulate the tempo so that you’re not hitting a slower song in the middle of an HIIT routine.

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This app differs from Songza and Pandora Radio in that all songs are seamlessly blended together. This creates a unique, one-of-a-kind experience so that there’s no more skipping and resetting your music.

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Choose Your Mix

GymStream allows you to choose your mix so if you liked a mix in the '90s section but want something a little different today, choose a different category, or choose from one of the daily added new mixes. Whether you want to use it at the gym, during your run, or when starting your couch to 5k program, there is sure to be a mix ready for your needs.

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If you’re training with Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Runtastic, or Endomondo then this app will play music seamlessly. It also supports Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Workout Trainer, Jefit, Lose It!, Fitocracy, Sports Tracker, Nexercise, Vituagym, “Zombies, Run!” and MapMyRun. With all of those compatible apps, it’ll be a great companion regardless of your fitness regime.

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GymStream - Free Workout Music


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Thousands of mixes
  • Songs play seamlessly so there’s no waiting for the next one to start
  • Lots of choices
  • New mixes added daily
  • Many apps are compatible


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

GymStream - Free Workout Music is an iPhone and iPad app that will play music mixes seamlessly through your device to suit your workout. There are thousands of mixes and more added daily from professional DJs around the world. If you’re headed to a workout, then there is sure to be a mix to suit your needs. Overall, the app is nicely developed, and there is a great variety of sounds to suit almost everyone’s needs. If you’re in the mood for classical, set it up. If you’re in the mood for some dubstep to keep you motivated and your tempo up, then go with that! The possibilities are nearly endless.

GymStream - Free Workout Music

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