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Kabbee Book Minicab in London app review: access cabs to various destinations in London



The things that you are able to do with just a text or a call makes life more easy, fun, and interesting. Kabbee Exchange Ltd makes traveling very easy for you by introducing a travel app called Kabbee Book Minicab in London that allows you to check out different cabs and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you need a salon car or truck, you can get it on Kabbee at a click. All you need is to download the app. This travel app, which is featured on our list of the Best taxi apps for the iPhone, is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 6 or later. English is the default language.

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Kabbee - Book a Minicab in London & Compare to Taxi Prices


Book the Best Cab in London

Have you thought that you could be able to book a cab using your phone? With Kabbee, you can be able to book a cab on whatever street you are in London. This app features more than 70 companies that offer cab services showing their rates and the one that is closest to you. You do not go where they are; they come to you where you are.

This app allows you to carry out your activities without the worry of how you are going to get to another destination because the cabs are easy to access and readily available.

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Best Features of Kabbee Minicab in London Application

Kabbee gives travelers the chance to travel with the best cabs in London, as you can be able to view other peoples rating. You can also be able to compare prices that each cab company offers.

With this app, you can be able to save your favorite pickup and drop-off points, rebook and rate previous journeys, and add via points so that you can be able to plan a perfect journey. If the driver arrives and you are not pleased, just wave goodbye and book another cab.

You can also invite your friends to download and use the app to book cabs. The recommendation is never in vain because each invite earns you some money on your account. The more friends you invite, the more you will travel with ease.

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Kabbee - Book a Minicab in London & Compare to Taxi Prices


Pros and Cons


  • It is effective and efficient as it keeps updating which cabs are accessible
  • The app allows you to get best driver in London depending on prices, rates, and routes
  • The prices do not increase with traffic
  • It is time-saving and quite reliable
  • The cabs are 70% cheaper compared to other black cabs
  • It offers various payment options as you can be able to pay by cash, card or through a pre-paid account
  • The services are on a 24-hour system


  • No negative feedback about the application

Final Thoughts

Kabbee Book Minicab in London is an app that is a must-have in your iPhone or iPad. You will love the experience of using the travel app. You can depend on it any day and at any time.


Kabbee - Book a Minicab in London & Compare to Taxi Prices

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