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Uplause app review: make exciting enhancements to your sporting event photos and videos



With the abundance of photo and video editing apps in the App Store there’s something for just about anyone. There are great photo editing apps for kids and adults alike and for all kinds of interests. Uplause offers something that’s just a little bit different, though: this app was designed with sports lovers in mind and it also works great for any live event. The great thing about sports is the enthusiasm it creates in its fans and this app does a great job of helping to recreate the magic of the event.  This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Uplause: Photo & Video for Sports, Music and Fun Events


Great Sports Moments

There are a lot of powerful editing apps in the App Store but not ones that focus on the sports fan. This app combines some great tools for enhancing the snapshots you take at your favorite sporting events and lets you easily share them with your friends and family. Some of the more popular photo and video editing apps may have a larger selection of tools but they don’t have tools that are specifically designed for the sports fan and that’s what gives Uplause an edge.

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While this app does have a lot of cool features there are a couple of issues with it. Probably the biggest drawback is that a lot of the coolest theme packs are not included in the free version so if you want to gain access to these you’ll have to buy them using in-app purchases. The other problem is that it creates default locations for your photos including them in your pictures and they’re not always accurate; while I was sitting at home in the easy chair the app kept posting my location at the burger joint down the street! You can change your location manually but you can’t create your own name for your location. This app will require 30.7 MB of available space on your iOS device. 

How it Works

This is a pretty straightforward app to use. When you first open the app you’ll see an introductory screen with a pretty cool sample slide show that you can swipe through to get an idea of what you can do with the app. It also includes a quick overview of the major features of the app. This screen will show every time you start the app unless you turn it off.

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To start creating your own sports-themed photos all you have to do is tap on the green snap button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change the pictures theme you just tap on the + sign on the left-hand side of the bottom menu. There are only a couple of different options included in the free version as well as the option to include country flags in your photos. A really cool feature of this app is that all of your pictures will include a decibel indicator because let’s face it, sports events are all about the noise level and with this app you can share a bit of that atmosphere with friends and family members who couldn’t be at the event with you. Once you’ve finished creating your picture you can easily share your picture over all the popular social media platforms.

Uplause: Photo & Video for Sports, Music and Fun Events


Pros and Cons


  • Create sports-themed photos
  • All photos include a decibel level indicator
  • Includes some great samples


  • Most theme packs are not included in the free version
  • Cannot remove location indicator in pictures

Final Words

Uplause is an innovative photo and video editing app created with the sports fan in mind. It includes a lot of cool theme packs, but unfortunately most of these are not included in the free version. There are still some fun things you can do with the free themes so it’s definitely worth checking out. 



Uplause: Photo & Video for Sports, Music and Fun Events

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