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My Country: build your dream city HD app review - build a complex, well-governed city



If you like playing games, then you will love the My Country: build your dream city HD game.  You will enjoy the many different things that you will be able to do. With this game, you get a chance to build your own city with different industries, workforce, and a government. It is a product of game Insight UAB and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can play the game in different languages such as English, French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. The game requires iOS 4.3 or later. 

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My Country: build your dream city HD


Enjoy Building

My Country: build your dream city HD is an exciting game that involves building different kind of buildings, developing transportation infrastructure, eliminating ecological threats and controlling the energy use.

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The app does not limit you to the number of buildings that you can erect. You can also hire employees such as teachers and nurses depending on the buildings that you have. To transport the residents of the city, you can build a transit network.

With this app you are able to bring out your ideal world, share it with friends, and take as many screen shots as you want. 

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Best Features

The game allows you to build residential buildings so that you can increase the city’s population. The more buildings you create, the more people you will be able to employ. When you have a great workforce, you will be able to increase profits in your offices and industries.

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The app has great features that allow you to buy vehicles and be able to transport the produce that you grow on your farms. You can also create parks and build recreational equipment and power stations to make your life easier and exciting.

With My Country: build your dream city HD you will be able to change the landscape of your land and customize it to whatever preference that you would want. Create lakes, plant trees, and pave country roads to have an awesome outline of the city.

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My Country: build your dream city HD


Pros and Cons


  • A free game does not require much storage
  • The game is available in many different languages
  • The game allows build as many buildings as you can
  • It is simple and easy to understand
  • You can play the game anytime and from any location


  • It requires updating now and then especially when playing
  • Before you set up the building that you want, you will have to build others that you probably do not require

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Final Thoughts

You will love this game. It will relax your mind and keep you entertained. To enjoy it most, engage your friends and challenge each other by competing in buildings and employing your workforce.

My Country: build your dream city HD

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