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My PlayHome app review: an interactive doll house with so much more 2021



My PlayHome is an iPhone kids games app that will have you playing dollhouse with your kids. Open the closet and get dressed, take a shower, fry an egg, or feed the family pizza.

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In this goods kids games app for iPhone and iPad, there are many activities to do and the make-believe is tons of fun for kids. For more details on the features of this kids games app, check out our My PlayHome app review below.

My PlayHome


Imagine A Doll House Where...

My PlayHome is a doll house where you are able to do whatever you want. The plastic doll houses have their limitations, but this digital version allows you to do anything! You can start your day by waking up, taking a shower, making yourself some eggs, then getting clothes from the closet.

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Choose whatever clothes you want to create your outfit, shoes, sweaters, hats, and all. You can then go and pour drinks, blow bubbles, turn the lights on or off, and earn more and more accessories for free!

This app was designed so that your two-year-old can use it, but it’s detailed enough for an eight-year-old to enjoy as well. In fact, my daughters who are three and seven quite enjoyed playing together on this until they couldn’t agree anymore!

Imagine A Doll House Where... image

Pretend Play Reality

Kids love to pretend, but sometimes they want to pretend to be real too. My PlayHouse allows your children to set out on their new day from wake through bedtime.

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They can pretend to get ready for work, make dinner, do work on the computer, and close the curtains before bed. If your child doesn’t like the music, they just change in on the CD player! The details are really impressive.

Like I said, my girls sat and played this together for a good while. My son even had fun exploring it with his little sister. My three-year-old found it first while doing her work, as she calls it.

She happened to be sitting with my son, and he watched for a good while before my seven-year-old came in and had a turn. It was great watching them play together!

Pretend Play Reality image

My PlayHome


Pros & Cons


  • Free for a limited time
  • Many interactive options
  • Lots of great every day activities to keep your child busy and thinking through the day
  • Could be used as a therapy tool for teaching kids the sequence from wake through breakfast or home through bed


  • None found

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

My PlayHome is an iPhone and iPad game that allows kids to pretend to play house. My girls very much enjoyed playing this game, and I enjoyed watching them explore the nearly limitless interactivity in the house.

They could open closets and explore, close the curtains, fry eggs, pour juice, serve pizza, turn on lights, close doors, and even change the CD on the music player. The detail that went into developing this app are extraordinary.

My PlayHome

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