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The Hunting part 1 app review: an interactive zombie movie game using first-person perspective



If you are tired of playing horror-adventure games with cartoonish graphics and almost child-like storyline, you will be delighted to know that a first-person interactive zombie movie game is now available on the App Store. The Hunting part 1 is the first of its kind in the world of horror gaming. You are the main character and you have to battle ravenous zombies in a choose-your-own-adventure movie. Developed by Jason Stewart, the game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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The Hunting part1


Offering a New Kind of Gaming Experience

The Hunting part 1 is a real movie shot entirely using the iPhone camera. It looks like a home-video and you get a first-person perspective of the scenes playing out on the screen. But what makes this app unique is that it is also an interactive game where you control the character to fight the zombies.

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The game starts in a sleepy and soon to be creepy English town. You wake up and notice that there’s an eerie silence outside. You look out the window and discover that some objects are burning in the distance.

You soon discover that something is inside the house. You start to investigate and all of a sudden, a nasty zombie lunges at you. It is hungry, it’s foaming in the mouth, and it wants to eat you.

What will you do now? You furiously tap on your screen to fight the zombie attack. But you also have other options: will you escape through the window or run to the door to make a clear getaway? You have to think fast and act or the zombie will eat you bit by bit.

In a nutshell, this is how you play The Hunting. It uses elements of choose-your-own-adventure games and combines them with a real horror movie. part 1 serves as a free preview and it only offers approximately 15 minutes of gameplay. If you want to continue with the game, you can buy part 2 and 3 on the App Store.

Best Features of The Hunting part 1

The Hunting part 1 offers a unique gaming experience. It uses real zombie movie as a gaming environment. The raw shots and the home-video quality of the movie make the game more gut-wrenching and enjoyable.

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The game allows you to control the character using tap and swipe. When a fight symbol appears on screen, it means you have to tap furiously in order to fight the zombies. Then swipe the screen if you want to select a scene option.

The storyline of The Hunting offers a lot of promise. The premise of the story has been established in this version. But you have to buy the next chapters if you want to continue with the game.

The Hunting part1


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a real zombie movie.
  • Uses first-person perspective.
  • Similar to choose-your-own-adventure games.
  • With interactive controls.
  • Offers a compelling story.


  • Very short gameplay.
  • Requires you to buy the next game chapters.
  • Needs to add more touch-based control.

Final Thoughts

The Hunting part 1 offers a new kind of gaming experience for everyone. It is the world’s first zombie movie game with interactive features. This version is just a free preview but it will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Hunting part1

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