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Chain Breaker app review: a great new way to play a game with obstacles



Chain Breaker is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you running to break the chains and get to your freedom. Are you up for the challenge?

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Chain Breaker


Break The Chains to Success

In order to master Chain Breaker you must journey to the distant clouded realm where the evil wizard has stolen the magic cow! Help the knight rescue the magic cow while overcoming obstacles, solving puzzles, and fighting against the many enemies. As you go through the game you will see many platforms suspended upon chains. Your knight must jump from the platforms to get across the obstacles, but you also have to do it fast enough to not fall into the abyss. As you go through the realms, you will find hidden treasures to collect, and funny characters to defeat, such as a raven in a knight’s suit of armor! My kids really liked this particular character and found it hilarious.

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There’s also magic to be found. My kids like magic, and the bubbles, potions, and more were a great touch to keep them exploring and looking for more. My son especially loved this game and searched for the various treasures to find the magical cow. He liked the dragon fish too!

A Different Kind of Game

Chain Breaker is a bit different in that you are not necessarily trying to get across the screen, but sometimes you are trying to just knock down the obstacles. It was interesting to watch my kids play it because it took them a while to get from the move to the destroy. My youngest has been playing an invention game where you have to solve the machine, and she liked this game too as it is similar in some ways. I appreciate that the game is not the same as all the rest, and enjoyed the turn on gameplay. It required a different kind of puzzle solving thinking that is important in stretching the mind.

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The characters are also fun. I liked the wizard, the animals, and the knight himself is also quite funny! A hero in a suit of armor is always good fun, and I liked the various tools that he has at his disposal too.

Chain Breaker


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • A great new way to play
  • Many different enemies and obstacles
  • Lots of fun ways to play this different game
  • Magic, physics, and more


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Chain Breaker is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you or your kids amused for hours! I also enjoyed playing this game when I could get it away from the kids! I love that they help me test out apps to see just which ones will be a hit, and with their various ages of 12, seven, and three, it gives me a good scope of the possibilities. When they found this one in the latest download of apps to be reviewed, they were thrilled. They sat with it for a good long time exploring the different gameplay, and trying to find all of the treasures. Overall, I think it is well-designed, and entertained a wide age group.


Chain Breaker

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