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Crepes by Suzette app review: interactive storytelling and language learning



There are a few major cities in the world that are instantly recognizable: London, New York, Tokyo, and of course, Paris. Paris is a city synonymous with springtime, with new beginnings, and love. Crepes by Suzette explores this famous city through and interactive story book that can help your child learn some rudimentary French in the process. It features cute characters, fun sound effects, maps, pictures, and videos in a great little package that’s sure to appeal to the little ones, and probably their parents as well! This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $1.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Crêpes by Suzette


Interactive Storytelling Fun

There are a lot of great interactive storytelling books in the App Store designed to introduce kids to a whole range of topics; after all, the best kids' books always have some kind of lesson to be learned, or a series of lessons. Crepes by Suzette is no exception. This is a great interactive book for kids that not only teaches them a little bit about the great city of Paris, it also teaches them some basic French along the way. Kids will really enjoy this one.

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There really isn’t anything to criticize about this app. There’s a nice little introduction that explains what exactly is in the app and how it works, and it’s easily accessible. The developers give you the option to read the book yourself, or have it read to you, and there are a whole lot of nice little extras thrown in to keep your kids fully entertained. There are no ads included and no social media links to get in the way. It’s really a kid friendly app. This app will require 150 Mb of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

The opening screen of the app has the look and feel of a traditional book cover, but it also includes a link to some instructions, as well as the option to select how you want to have the book read: have it read to you, or read it yourself. No matter what method you choose, the same options are included iso t’s just a matter of whether or not there’ll be a narrator or not.

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On each page there will be a paragraph or two explaining the scene, and each page will also include a simple French phrase for your child to learn. To make learning these new phrases easier each character on the page will repeat the phrase to your child in a perfect French accent if you tap on them. You can also tap on the interactive map in the top left corner to explore maps, pictures, videos, and other features that really bring Paris to life. There’s a lot to explore on every page and your child is bound to fall in love with this app.

Crêpes by Suzette


Pros and Cons


  • Interactive maps with pictures, videos, and more
  • Option to read the book yourself, or have it read to you
  • Learn simple French phrases, and learn all about Paris
  • Cute characters that repeat the French phrases back to you


  • None

Final Words

The best time to learn a new language is while a child is still young because young children have the ability to soak up anything new just like a sponge. With the Crepes by Suzette app you can give your child a great head start on the road to learning French with an interactive story that’s a whole lot of fun. It combines a great little story, with some interactive tools that make learning fun. This app’s definitely one your children will cherish.


Crêpes by Suzette

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