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ShadeScout app review: find the perfect shade of makeup wherever you are 2021



Finding the right shade of makeup can be a difficult challenge for anybody. If you can think of a color it’s probably available from one of the major makeup companies, but finding it’s the challenge.

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Traditionally you’d probably go from store to store shopping for the perfect shade, but with all the technology available to us today this seems like an outdated way to look for the right shades of makeup.

The App Store is full of apps that are designed to help you find the right makeup to match your own complexion and personal preferences, but there aren’t many that will actually let you submit a color shade and then help you find a product match and that is exactly what ShadeScout is designed to do.

This is a free iPhone app for makeup. It's also an incredibly easy app for trying out makeup. Some users even think that it's one of the best makeup apps for iPhone. Check out our ShadeScout app review and let us know what you think.

ShadeScout - Makeup Color Search & Real-Time Virtual Makeovers


The Perfect Shade

ShadeScout is one of the most innovative makeup apps you’re likely to come across in the App Store. This app actually lets you search for any color you like to see if there’s a makeup manufacturer that actually produces makeup in the shade you’re actually looking for.

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It’s a unique concept that you simply don’t come across too often, if at all.  Have you always loved the color of your patio furniture and wondered if that particular shade has ever been made into a shade of lipstick? Then ShadeScout is just the app you'll want to check out.

This is a pretty simple app to navigate, and it does include a basic illustration of how the app works but it would benefit from a more complete help section.

There is a help icon in the top right corner of the app, but this just provides some simple pointers on how the interface works. The app would be a lot better if there was a comprehensive step-by-step instructions section. This ShadeScout app will require 34.7 MB of available space on your iOS device. 

The Perfect Shade image

How it Works

The main interface of the app features a large camera window, a list of available shades and manufacturers down the right side, and some simple tools on the bottom menu.

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In order for the app to work properly you’ll have to allow it access to your camera, but the actual process is really as simple as taking a picture within the app by tapping on scout color, and letting the ShadeScout app search for that color from a list of included manufacturers.

If the color is available from any of the major makeup manufacturers in any type of make up your options will be listed down the right-hand side. To see what the shade will look like on you simply tap on the desired shade and it will be superimposed over your image in the camera window, which is pretty cool. 

How it Works image

ShadeScout - Makeup Color Search & Real-Time Virtual Makeovers


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • Links to makeup produced by major manufacturers
  • Let’s you search for makeup shades from your own environment


  • Instructions are a little simplistic

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Great colors are all around us, and there’s no doubt you’ve thought to yourself at some point that a color you came across would make the perfect shade of lipstick but didn’t know if it was actually available.

With the ShadeScout app you can take a simple picture of a color in your immediate environment and search a large database of shades from major makeup manufacturers to see if it’s available. It’s a unique idea that’s bound to be a hit.

ShadeScout - Makeup Color Search & Real-Time Virtual Makeovers

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