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Phrase Party! app review: fun-filled guessing game that will keep the party going 2021



Phrase Party! is a fast, exciting, and fun-filled guessing party games app that is perfect for parties, sleepovers, team-building, and other group activities. It can also be used in single-player mode and online turn-based multi-player action.

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This good party games app requires you to describe a phrase so your friend can guess it. Pass the game to another when someone gets the correct phrase. The person holding the game at the buzzer loses. Developed by iParty Mobile, this app is compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Keep reading our Phrase Party app review to learn more about this good iPhone app for party games.

Phrase Party!


Rev Up the Party with Phrase Party! App

Party game apps are all the rage these days. They are like the traditional Charades of times past without the pen and paper. And one of the newest apps in this category is Phrase Party.

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Phrase Party is a guessing game suitable for large groups. It is available as a premium application in the App Store. You get the full version with complete features when you install it in your device.

The most notable thing about this app is that it can really rev up any party within a few seconds. Just load the app to open its home screen where you can select the type of game that can be played. It offers three game modes: classic play, party, and race.

Choosing any game mode will open the categories which include movie titles, celebs, TV shows, food, songs, places, and many more. If you want the app to select random phrases in various categories, then you can select the Everything button.

The app will then show a description for the mystery phrase and you have to read it aloud. Your friends must guess the correct phrase based on the description you just read. This is a timed game so anyone guessing the phrase must think quickly in order not to lose.

Rev Up the Party with Phrase Party! App image

Best Features of Phrase Party

Phrase Party offers thousands of phrases grouped into 13 fun categories. You can get extra categories through in-app purchases. 

The app offers three main game modes that can be played offline during parties. But if you want to play solo, then you can choose the single-player mode and get hints from random players online. It also offers online multi-player game mode where you can play at your own leisure.

One of the best features of Phrase Party is the video capture option. The app can record the hilarious reactions of people trying to guess the phrase. You can then review the video and post it on Facebook or Twitter to share the fun moments with your online friends. 

Best Features of Phrase Party image

Phrase Party!


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • Offers built-in tutorial and rules page
  • With thousands of mystery phrases in 13 categories
  • Allows you to capture the moment on video
  • Professionally designed with colorful interface
  • Allows online multi-player and single-player modes


  • Expansion packs require additional purchase
  • Needs to support more languages

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Phrase Party is a party game in a box. You can use it to keep the party going instead of planning an elaborate group activity. This is a recommended app for everybody. 

Phrase Party!

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