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Magnetry - Express Yourself app review: express yourself with beautiful words



Poets and writers are people we admire because of their mastery of prose. Anyone can write a sentence, but not everyone can write a beautiful, powerful, and captivating sentence. What makes some people capable of easily capturing meaning in their words while others continuously struggle to find the words to express themselves clearly may simply be one of the mysteries of the universe that we’ll never have a clear answer for. For those that are not blessed with the gift of words Magnetry – Express Yourself may be the perfect answer. With this app words are generated for you in different categories that you choose – all you have to do is put the words together. It’s a fun and unique app that will help you create your own poetry or short stories. This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $2.99 and is only compatible with the iPad. 

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Magnetry - Express Yourself


Create Great Poetry

If you do a quick search around the App Store you’ll find there isn’t a lot of competition for Magnetry – Express Yourself. This is quite a unique app that can help anyone find the words they need to express themselves. There are apps that are designed to help you learn how to write poetry or short stories in the traditional sense, but they don’t provide the actual words for you. Most apps in this category are more geared towards teaching you about traditional writing styles and the basics of grammar.

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One of the coolest features of this app is the comprehensive instructions section. Each task you can perform in the app has its own mini explanation video that walks you through each step that you need to take. The only reported problem with this app is that it does freeze on occasion and the app will simply shut down. This can be frustrating if you’re right in the middle of a task. This app will require 121 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

When you open the app you’ll see three options on the main screen: Info, New Collection, and Help. The main part of the app is under New Collection, the Info section simply provides some information about the developer as well as links to other apps by the developer, and the Help section provides mini videos that walk you through the apps various processes.  To get started creating your own poetry or stories you’ll want to tap on the New Collection button.

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When you tap on the New Collection button you’ll see a New Book tab appear below it – you’ll need to tap on this to get started. Each book has 16 different pages available. The next step is to pick one or more categories from the available choices, which will determine the amount of words available to you in your piece of prose. You can rearrange these words freely to form phrases that appeal to you, and you can also add cool backgrounds and stickers to make the piece look a little more appealing. It’s a lot of fun and more than a little addictive. Once you’re satisfied with your image you can save it, and you can also share it with social media.

Magnetry - Express Yourself


Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive instructions section
  • Supplies words for you and you can easily move the words around
  • Includes different backgrounds and stickers


  • Tendency to freeze on occasion 

Final Words

Creating beautiful poetry and short stories is not something that comes naturally for everyone. It’s frustrating if you know what you want to say to express yourself, but you just can’t seem to find the words. Magnetry – Express Yourself is a great little app that provides interesting words in a variety of categories that you can manipulate to create great prose. It’s a great deal of fun. 


Magnetry - Express Yourself

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