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iGrade for Martial Arts Instructor app review: offering the ultimate class organizer for martial arts instructors



iGrade for Martial Arts Instructor is a productivity app designed exclusively for dojo instructors and trainers. It offers a full-suite of management features that allow you to monitor the performance of individual students. It is also useful for evaluating the efficiency of the whole class. Developed by Zysco, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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iGrade for Martial Arts


Simplify Your Class Records with iGrade

Are you a martial arts instructor who manages dozens of students in several classes? Like most teachers, you need to keep a class record in order to monitor the progress of your students. If you are still using traditional paper-based organizer, then you’re troubling yourself with unnecessary paperwork.

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What you need is iGrade, a digital class record system packed with useful features that will help you manage your classes. This app is designed for martial arts instructors so you can focus more on your lessons and less on paperwork.

When you open the app, you can immediately create individual student profiles with photo and other key information. Each profile is linked to a record keeping tool for tracking performance. With a single tap, you can mark any student as absent, present, or tardy.

Open the class organizer to create custom sequence for your scheduled classes and trainings. You can arrange class sequence in any way you like and drag-and-drop any number of students in a particular schedule.

Tracking student performance using iGrade is also easy. Just open the note tool and write down your observations. Then link it to a particular student for quick reference later. You can also link videos, audio, and photo to the profile of your student.

And to protect your data, you can make a backup of your class record to Google Drive. Just open the sync tool and upload your records to the cloud.

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Best Features of iGrade for Martial Arts Instructor

iGrade offers an easy to use student record organizer with built-in profile manager. It allows you to add unlimited number of students to your class list. Each student profile can be customized with photo and additional information. The app also allows you to edit any profile anytime.

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The app offers a digital class record and scheduling system. It allows you to organize different classes in custom sequences. It supports drag-and-drop so you can quickly manage classes in seconds.

One of the best features of the app is the note tool. It allows you to make notes on individual student profile. You can attach the note to the profile for quick reference. You can also link multimedia files to each profile to track performance and behavior.

Best Features of iGrade for Martial Arts Instructor image

iGrade for Martial Arts


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a web tutorial
  • Offers unlimited student profiles
  • Allows you to organize dozens of classes
  • Supports cloud backup via Google Drive
  • With built-in communication tool
  • Supports note attachments and multimedia links


  • It takes time to set up individual student profiles

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iGrade for Martial Arts Instructor is a digital class record and organizer. It offers several useful features that will help you track the performance of your students. If you are looking for a mobile platform where you can organize your classes, then this is a good app for you.

iGrade for Martial Arts

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