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iEarthquakes app review: providing timely earthquake alerts with push notifications



iEarthquakes is an emergency disaster alert tool that offers real time updates about earthquakes, tsunamis, and other types of disasters. It uses data from the US Geological Survey and the European Mediterranean Seismological Center. Developed by Jirapong Nanta, the app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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Know When an Earthquake Strikes with iEarthquakes

It's always important to know what’s happening around the world especially when it comes to disaster situations. Whether you’re an emergency worker or someone who just wants to avoid disaster areas, iEarthquakes could be a very useful app for you.

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The app provides timely and updated information about the latest earthquake events, tsunami warnings, and other types of disasters. It presents data in an easy to understand list with key indicators including magnitude, location, date, and time.

After completing the installation process, the app automatically detects your location and downloads real time data from US Geological Survey, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, and European Mediterranean Seismological Center.

It will immediately give you a list of the latest disaster strikes around the world and nearby. You can browse through different pages to view earthquake events, tsunamis, and other geological disasters. Each event has its own page with more detailed information and precise location.

If you want to get notified, just open the settings screen and customize the notification alerts. For example, you can set an earthquake threshold and allow the app to send push notifications when a magnitude 6 event happens anywhere in the world. You can also set location alerts to receive notifications immediately when a disaster strikes near your current location.

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Best Features of iEarthquakes

iEarthquakes offers timely disaster alerts specifically for earthquakes and tsunamis. It can monitor real time events anywhere in the globe. You will then receive a notification when an earthquake strikes or when a tsunami warning has been raised by authorities.

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The app supports real time monitoring but it can also offer a seven-day view of the most recent disaster events. It can save all disaster warnings and events in your device for future reference.

iEarthquakes offers a built-in geological world map. You can open this map to view a timeline of all events across different locations. The app marks each disaster location with color coded indicators to show earthquakes and tsunamis.

This app uses localization service for GPS-enabled devices to track your current location. It can send notification to you when a disaster strikes nearby.

The app allows you to set an earthquake threshold to customize push notifications. You may also set location-specific alerts to further narrow down your notification option.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with no set up required
  • Automatically detects your current location
  • Offers real time earthquake and tsunami alerts
  • With 7-day disaster view
  • Offers a built-in geological map
  • Uses accurate data from the leading geological and seismological centers


  • Requires constant network connection

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iEarthquakes offers a convenient monitoring platform that offers timely disaster alerts. It uses reliable data to give you the right information. This app can be very useful for fieldwork and for those who study different disaster events.


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