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Spot the Difference! What's the Difference? app review: find the difference puzzle game with cute animal photos



Spot the Difference is an exciting puzzle game that will test your focus and concentration. The game requires you to find subtle differences between two similar photos. It allows you to choose between a timed normal game and a leisurely un-timed game. Developed by Reign Design, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Spot the Difference! What's the Difference?


Relax and Enjoy while Playing Spot the Difference

Do you love playing puzzle games? Do you enjoy looking at the pictures of cute animals? Well, Spot the Difference combines two things that you love most. It offers a challenging ‘find the difference’ puzzle game and dozens of photos of cuddly lovable animals.

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Spot the Difference is a free app with several in-app purchase options. This version offers 60 free levels with dozens of HD-quality photos per level. It has loads of content but if you want to unlock more pictures, then you can buy an upgrade from within the app.

Right from the start, the game will delight you with cute pictures of animals. The home screen displays real animal picture icons. It allows you to select a game mode and a difficulty level before starting a round.

The easy mode seems to be dominated by cute cat pictures. When you load a game, two identical photos will be displayed on screen. You have to quickly spot subtle difference between the two photos in order to get a high score.

In case you want a stress-free leisurely game, just select the un-timed mode. You can take your time and spend more minutes looking at the cuddly photos. You will also get a score when you complete a round in an un-timed game.

Best Features of Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference offers hundreds of cute animal photos that will surely relax your nerves. It offers high resolution photos of furry cats, bouncy dogs, and lovely birds.

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This game offers 60 free levels with dozens of random photo pairs for each level. You can unlock more pictures through in-app purchase.

Spot the Difference allows you to choose between two game modes. If you want a more exciting game, then choose the normal timed puzzles. For those who love to solve puzzles at their own leisure, then an un-timed game is available in the app.

The app offers three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. In the easy mode, you only need to find two or three differences. The puzzles become more challenging when you choose the medium and hard modes.

The game offers catchy sound effects and soothing background music. You can turn on the music from the home screen.

Spot the Difference! What's the Difference?


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play.
  • Offers high resolution photos of cute animals.
  • With two game modes.
  • Allows you to select difficulty levels.
  • Offers 60 free levels.
  • With dozens of random photos for each level.
  • With background music and sound effects.


  • With in-app purchase to unlock more features.

Final Thoughts

Spot the Difference is an excellent puzzle game for those who love to look at the pictures of cute animals. It offers hundreds of adorable photos of cats, dogs, birds, and other furry creatures. This is a good family game and suitable for all ages.


Spot the Difference! What's the Difference?

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