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Learn Karate app review: lets you become a black belt at home



The Learn Karate Karate app gives lessons for anyone, beginners to advanced, with training and technique in mind.  It does not matter what level you are at because everyone benefits from these masterful video training lessons.  Learn at your own pace and work on your own schedule.  This is a convenient way to make Karate available to all.

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Karate Training Program


Super Training Aid

Learn Karate:  Beginner to Advanced Lessons is an app that is produced by fitivity.  Fitivity is made up of trainers and experts that have tons of experience, including some with 5th degree black belts.  Fitivity knows karate and has worked with top professional and amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those who have never exercised in their lifetime.  This app makes their knowledge available to all.

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Focal Points

This app is intended to begin at the bottom level and work up, concentrating on technique and form.  There are three “Katas” or level rankings that must be learned and mastered before leveling up to the next challenge.  These are not small, quick levels as once you have mastered these, you will have reached black belt status.  The entire set of series goal is to get you to know the techniques and master them so that you can, wherever you and your device may be, become an expert and black belt level Karate student.

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Each exercise focuses on form and technique as these are incredibly important.  They help build muscles and stamina.  Though the workouts can be intense, they are all able to be modified for beginners or increased for more advanced users.  Whatever your level, these exercises can help you achieve your goals and go beyond.

There are tools to help along the way.  The videos themselves contain detailed descriptions of the exercises using video demonstrations and voice overs to explain them.  There is also a tool to track your progress. 

There are several different things you will learn with Learn Karate:   Complete Karate Program, MMA Strength & Conditioning, Flexibility Workouts, Karate Katas, Boxing Strength & Conditioning, and Reaction Drills.  All of these contribute and allow you to reach the goal of black belt status.

There may be a need to purchase extended copies of the series to advance further into the Karate program.  All are available on iTunes for purchase with the average cost being $4.99.

Karate Training Program


Pros and Cons


  • Karate experts anywhere, anytime
  • No equipment needed
  • Expert trainers
  • Support website available
  • Go at your own pace


  • Purchase needed to advance
  • No hands-on form correction
  • Only available in English

Choice Karate App

If you want to get to know Karate, this is the app for you as it is easy to navigate and has a level for just about anyone wanting to try.  The video is clear and easy to follow, as are the instructions.  The teachers are obviously trained well and have great understanding of Karate and its intimate techniques.  The program is complete and grows with you: you can start small and work up to whatever level you want.  The app is there to guide and teach you along the way using 5th level black belts and their expertise.  The app is available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  It is available for systems with iOS 7 or above but is optimized for iPhone 5. 


Karate Training Program

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