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Secret Browser Private Web Browsing app review: app with invisibility cloak



Secret Browser Private Web Browsing is an app that allows total privacy in web browsing on the iPhone and iPad.  Integrating itself with your phones settings, this app makes browsing easy, convenient and 100% private. What more can you ask for when searching the Internet on your iDevice?

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Secret Browser


Custom Discretion

Secret Browser has a lot of security settings to make closing out the browser easy and uses the settings tab on your phone to customize it however you want.  It can close out upon screen rotation, it can close after a certain amount of time has passed and even at the swipe of a finger.  You can set it to what works best for you – all with the end result of total privacy.

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The Details

Some of the best features of this free app are the customizable settings that are available in your settings tab.  It allows you to pick exactly how you want the browser opening and closing.  No matter what options you choose, the cookies, cache and history automatically get erased every time.  It is a fast, simple system that doesn’t interfere with the other programs and settings of your device.  It closes out when you want it to – getting out of your way for other things that you need your device for but, when you want to browse with it, you can close out your status bar and use it full screen.

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It is completely private browsing that works with your iPhone or iPad flawlessly.  There is even tabbed browsing to speed things a long for you.  Anytime that Secret Browser is sent to the background, it automatically clears it and resets it.  This is called the Home Reset.  There is also a Lock Option.  You can set it up so that if the device is lost/stolen and the Secret Browser happens to be engaged, you can set it to erase everything upon signaling its missing.

There are even more options available in the Pro-Mode. You can purchase the Pro Mode and get more options such as a Custom User Agent which tricks most websites into thinking you are using a different browser.  There is a custom start page and printing options that are also available in Pro Mode.

This, like other private browsing apps is made for adults.  Due to the potential for offensive, sexual, nudity, horror and many other graphic issues, the rating is for 17 years of age.

Secret Browser


Pros and Cons


  • Easy and Fast
  • Automatic clearing of cache cookies and history
  • Works with settings
  • iPhone and iPad  compatible
  • Full Screen


  • Ads containing adult situations
  • Cost involved to get full version

Keep in Mind

Secret Browser Private Web Browsing is truly a private app that will definitely keep your history safe.  So far no glitches or interference with regular use of iPhone or iPad.  This is more than an add on to your device, it actually works with it – removing itself from the screen when other programs with priority need to be foremost at a moment’s notice.  The automatic cleaning and clearing of all traces of your browsing session is perfection. 

Buying the Pro Mode only increases your ability to hide your browsing from prying eyes – with added options that give you even more privacy.  It is definitely the most advanced private browsing available for free that does what it says and allows confident browsing freedom.


Secret Browser

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