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Jeet Kune Do KungFu app review: this totally Kkicks app



Jeet Kune Do KungFu by Michael Lim is a real world use form of Wing Chun.  This is an easy to follow app that brings martial arts into real world fighting with no unnecessary moves – just straight up contact and defensive moves.

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Jeet Kune Do Vancouver - JKD Martial Arts Self Defense


Master View

Michael Lim was born and raised in Hong Kong, studying Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  A master of technique and form he shows how to use these moves for real world fighting.  Sharing his knowledge on this app, he brings his technique of street fighting and martial arts directly to your device.  This enables you to choose when and where you use it and how much you can handle per session.  You set the pace to being truly ready for anything that may come your way.

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What’s so awesome?

The app offers to reveal the secrets of Wing Chun techniques and how to use them against opposing attackers. No hype – no B.S., just straight, in your face effective fight techniques.  It includes detailed instructions on the forms finer points in an easy to follow video form.  The first level, The Siu Lim Tao or “Little Idea” will use the following techniques to teach real world fighting:  Tan Sau, Pak Sau, Bon Sau, Gan Sau, Tan Geuk, Tok Sau, Tut Sau, Lan Sau, Fak Sao, Fook Sau, Gum Sau, Huen Sau, Ju-Cheung, Jum Sau, Jut Sau, Wu Sau and Tie Sauk. All techniques used in Wing Chun but in forms that can be used in any street fight.

By making an in app purchase you can add the second level to your video archive.  The Chum Kiu Form or "Seeking the Bridge" is the second Wing Chun set.  This includes the same step by step videos with instruction for rea world application.  The techniques available are:  Double Gum Sau, Dai Bong Sau, Double Tan Sau, Bong Sau / Wu Sau, Wang Tek, Double Lan Sau, Jing Jeung, Palm Strikes, Kop Sau and lap Sau.  A total of 30 videos for you to use to improve your form and function.

Another in app purchase, and the third in the series is called The Biu Jee Form or "Thrusting Fingers", builds upon the form and technique of the previous two series to improve and advance your form and technique.  The following forms are used for real fighting:  Kau Sau, Mann Sau, Kop Jarn, Mang geng sao, Sat geng sau, Gwai jeung (butting elbow), Pie jeung - (hacking elbow) and Trapping.

With every video your skills improve, techniques are refined and form is perfected.  These together make you a lean mean fighting machine.  No fakery, trickery or false hope – this series promises to teach fighting that you can use to defend yourself in any situation – with force and confidence. 

Most people cannot learn from a master – they cannot afford it or find one.  This provides that mastery at your convenience and anywhere you have your device handy.

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Jeet Kune Do Vancouver - JKD Martial Arts Self Defense


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent real world fight techniques
  • Room to improve and excel
  • Convenient


  • Must utilize in app purchase to further learning.

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Why it Works

These are detailed, jam packed videos that you can play again and again at your convenience.  It is like having a master instructor at your beck and call – learning the techniques in the comfort of your own home.  There is room for growth with these videos and the exercises are quite a good workout.  The bottom line is you learn real techniques to defend yourself in the real world whenever you want with the use of your iPad or iPhone at any time.

Jeet Kune Do Vancouver - JKD Martial Arts Self Defense

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