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GoEuro: Rail, bus and air app review - traveling through Europe has never been easier



If you’re planning to do some traveling around Europe there are tons of options. The train network is extremely reliable in Europe, but you can also travel to anywhere on the continent by bus or plane as well. The problem with traveling is trying to find the best deals available and it’s not always easy. With the growth in popularity of smartphones you don’t have to lug out your laptop every time you want to search for a travel deal.

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There are numerous apps that can help you find great travel deals, but if you’re looking for an app that can help you with your plans to get around Europe the GoEuro: Rail, bus and air app is one of your best options. The developers of GoEuro app have partnered with a whole host of European companies to ensure that they can bring you the best deals possible. GoEuro: Rail, bus and air is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

GoEuro – train, bus, flight


Traveling Europe

Most popular travel apps are geared towards booking accommodations or complete packages. What makes GoEuro: Rail, bus and air unique is that it focuses on the travel portion of your getaway exclusively so you don’t have to worry about searching through a ton of other information to find what you need. Finding the best travel deals has never been easier. GoEuro is a no nonsense app that’s easy to use and generally works pretty well.

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There is one serious drawback with this app: it only works well for travel within the UK since for all other destinations it only seemed to be able to find flight information. This seemed rather strange for an app that’s advertised as an app for travel across Europe by train, bus, or plane. Traveling across Europe by train can be a great experience, allowing you to see more of the countryside than would otherwise be possible. Not having this information readily available as advertised is a major concern. The interface is very intuitive and the app will be excellent once it’s fully functional. GoEuro: Rail, bus and air app will require 9.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

When you open the GoEuro app you’ll see a simple input menu that asks you to enter where you’re traveling from and where you want to go. You can also change your departure date and add a return leg if you so desire. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve entered you just tap on search and the app will return a list of available travel options. It doesn’t take long for the results to come back and generally the results include a wide variety of choices. You can scroll through the choices by sliding your finger from top to bottom on the page. Each result lists the departure time, arrival time at your destination, as well as the total travel time.

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One of the best features of the GoEuro: Rail, bus and air app is that you can book your travel choice from right within the app. It’s as simple pushing a button. This works equally as well for booking by train, plane, or bus. There’s no quicker way to book travel plans than in this app.

GoEuro – train, bus, flight


Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Includes option for travel by air, bus, or train
  • Booking can be done within the app


  • All options are not available for cities outside the UK

Final Words

If you have plans to travel through Europe GoEuro: Rail, bus and air is the perfect app for finding the best deals. The option of booking your travel choice from within the app really is convenient. This app is a definite must if you’re traveling Europe.


GoEuro – train, bus, flight

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