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MimeChat app review: communicate through animation with your friends



MimeChat is an iPhone app that helps you communicate your feelings through animation. It takes emoticons one step further, and creates an animation of people hugging rather than an image, someone jumping for joy, someone crying, and so on. This enables the individuals to better communicate their feelings.

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Why Just Text When You Can Mime?

MimeChat takes texting to the next level. No longer are you left wondering if the person texting was being sarcastic, joking, or what their intent was. Text messages, emails, and so on can be ambivalent and leave the recipient unsure of your intent. Was this person joking in that sentence? Were they being serious? Emoticons have helped in the past, but with MimeChat, you can take it a step further and get your true feelings heard loud and clear.

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Let’s face it, emoticons and stickers are limited in expressing what you really mean. Yes, you have to download an app and get your friends to join in, but the fun that you’ll have is well worth it. Unlike SnapChat, you don’t have to worry about what your hair looks like, if there’s enough light in the room, or who’s in the background photobombing; you can just pick from the many animated mimes to indicate your emotion.

Cool Stuff

MimeChat has virtual characters that interact with each other. This means that you can express yourself more clearly. For example, when you want to hug a friend to make them feel better, your virtual character can hug their virtual character to indicate this. Not only can you see this action, but you can customize a mini-you! Change up the haircut, clothes, and accessories to get your mini-you to look as close to you as possible. And hey, if you like it that much, set it as your avatar to use not only in-app, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else!

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Now, if you are really having a good time, you can record animations to make a story. This is a great feature that my kids are liking because my seven-year-old loves making movies. She can customize characters, and then send them on a journey. It’s great fun! Plus, you can add sound! Use the headphones for best quality, but you can use your mic too.



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Create a custom mini-you to interact with your contact’s mini-them
  • Record animations and add sound to create a story
  • There is a game like feel to it that makes it fun


  • Need to install another app to use the animations vs emojis in the keyboard

Final Thoughts

MimeChat is an iPhone app that will make your chatting experience more fun. You can communicate your emotions more clearly using the animations than you could with generic emoticons, and you can even customize your mini-you! If you like the animation, you can even create your own recorded animations with sound. This is great as a beginning animation creator for kids, or for others to learn. Overall, I really enjoyed this app, I just have to get more friends to participate!



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