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SunUp Alarm app review: a great intuitive alarm that has many features



SunUp Alarm is an iPhone and iPad app that provides a drastically simplified alarm clock. Change your set time in seconds rather than tapping all over the place, and utilize the Flat design with an intuitive interface to enable the best experience for this daily task.

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SunUp Alarm


Set Your Alarm in Seconds

If you need to get up at a different time each morning, setting your alarm clock can be a chore. With SunUp Alarm, this daily ritual is simplified. All you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen, set the minutes by dragging the centered circle, change AM and PM, then hit the center to activate the alarm. Make sure your device is not on silent mode though or it won’t work!

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You can also tap the timer at the bottom right to set relative alarms such as five minutes, an hour, and so on, for laundry or dinner. If the alarm is going off, then just tap to snooze or swipe down to stop. If your phone is locked, it’s a bit different, but can be done with the latest update. Swipe across to reveal two buttons and select snooze or silence. Plus you can now journal in your sleep time in the health app!

More Features

If that’s not enough to get you downloading this cool alarm app, then consider these features of SunUp Alarm. Unlike some apps, you can change the ringtone, theme, and customize the snooze time! You can also set it to night mode to wake you up naturally, and change the clock face from 12- to 24-hour. This is great for shift workers who need to see their time in 24-hour clock, or for those who wake at all times of day and need to know immediately if it’s 9:00 in the morning or 21:00 at night!

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The 17-year-old creator designed the app because the built-in app didn’t fit his needs. He decided to share it so others could use it as well, and also added in a widget in the notification center so you can watch your alarms from any app and not have to switch back to the app itself. A lot of consideration went into the design!

SunUp Alarm


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Nice themes
  • Multiple ringtones
  • Custom snooze setting
  • Adjust from 12- to 24-hour
  • Widget-enabled and lock screen-enabled


  • Must have phone sounds on 
  • No repeat option

Final Thoughts

SunUp Alarm is an iPhone and iPad alarm app that will help you to set your alarm with ease and be ready for the day. There isn’t a repeating option, so if you need a daily alarm you’ll have to set it each night as part of your bedtime routine, but there are a lot of great settings that make the app worth a try. I try out different alarms from time to time, and this one took some getting used to the settings, but once you have the hang of it the intuitive controls and easy set are a nice change from the many taps of the built-in. Overall, it's well-developed and shows a lot of promise.


SunUp Alarm

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