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PostTalk - Random Chat new friends! app review: offering a random chat platform for meeting new friends



PostTalk - Random Chat new friends! offers an innovative platform where you can chat with random individuals using cyber postcards. It allows you to write a special message on an image so you can send it to any member in the network. Developed by DoAndCompany, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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PostTalk - Random Chat new friends!


Make New Friends by Sending Special Postcards

There was a time when postcards were used as a special messaging tool between friends. People from around the world would pick souvenir postcards and write dedication messages on them for their friends. Unfortunately, this type of communication is practically unheard of today.

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PostTalk wants to revive the quaint and rustic appeal of postcard messaging by introducing cyber postcards. Instead of sending bland IMs or text messages, you can use the app to create beautifully crafted digital postcards with special dedication.

PostTalk - Random Chat new friends! is a free app and a newcomer on the App Store; but it is slowly gaining global prominence among teens in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The app requires you to register before you can create a profile. It allows you to sign-up using your Facebook credentials. The app imports some of your basic information and ports it on your PostTalk profile.

After signing up, you can now search for connections within the network so you can send special cyber postcards to them. To send a postcard, just select any profile you like and tap the Post Talk button from the pop-up menu.

The app will take you to its collection of stock image. You have the option to select a stock image or add one of your own photos from the device library. Then, compose a special dedication message and send the cyber postcard to your new friend.

Best Features of PostTalk

PostTalk - Random Chat new friends! offers a free social networking platform where you can find and meet new friends. It allows unrestricted people search so you can connect with other members of the network.

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This app offers an innovative messaging tool called cyber postcard. It allows you to compose a dedication message that you can attach to a photo. You can then send this cyber postcard to anyone in the PostTalk community.

There are dozens of stock images and high-resolution photos available in the app. These photos are free and you can use them to create your own digital postcard. The app also allows you to use your own photo so you can share it as a postcard.

And lastly, PostTalk offers built-in filtering system and privacy protection. If you don’t want to receive postcards from someone, then you can block him from your circle of connections.

PostTalk - Random Chat new friends!


Pros and Cons


  • Offers an easy to use postcard creator
  • Allows you to compose, edit, and trash messages
  • Hundreds of HD stock photos
  • Offers easy profile builder
  • Allows you to connect with anyone


  • Requires you to buy Rubies so you can send more postcards
  • Free users can only send three postcards every 12 hours

Final Thoughts

PostTalk is trying to redefine how chat platforms and social networking work. It offers a unique service where you can exchange cyber postcards with random individuals from around the world.


PostTalk - Random Chat new friends!

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