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Whoo Messenger app review: fun messenger for sending hilarious anonymous chat with Facebook friends



Whoo Messenger offers a fun way for friends to send anonymous chat with each other using Facebook Connect as a safe platform. It allows you pull a prank or a joke with your Facebook friends who are also using Whoo. The app offers hilarious animal avatars to hide your identity and allows you to send photos and voice messages. It also supports random anonymous chat with strangers. Developed by Whatt, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Whoo Messenger - Anonymous Chat with your Facebook Friends and Strangers


Whoo Messenger Combines Real Chat with Fun Anonymity Game

Do you want to play some good old pranks with your Facebook friends? With Whoo Messenger, you can now easily play a joke by sending funny anonymous chat and voice messages to your friends.

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Whoo Messenger works with Facebook Connect to ensure a safe environment for users. Moreover, you can only send anonymous chat with friends who are also using Whoo. According to the developers, these measures were established to make sure that the app will not be used for nefarious activities.

Whoo Messenger is technically an entertainment game app. That is because those receiving anonymous messages are given several chances to guess the identity of the sender. Because of this, the app becomes a guessing game among friends who enjoy playing pranks with each other.

You can start the guessing game by shaking your device to get a random animal avatar. You can then engage your Whoo friends by sending a distorted voice message or a highly filtered image. Those receiving your messages can guess who you are. You can keep the game going until your identity is revealed.

You can extend the game outside of your friends list by tapping the W icon. This allows you to have an anonymous conversation with a random Facebook/Whoo user.

Best Features of Whoo Messenger

Whoo Messenger offers a safe environment for sending anonymous chat. It uses Facebook Connect to ensure that only those who have real identities on Facebook can use the app. It also allows you to block friends until they reveal their real identities.

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The app offers cute animal avatars to disguise your profile picture. You can shake your device to allow the app to generate random avatars for you.

Whoo offers several fun features to make anonymous chat more fun and exciting. It allows you to use advanced photo filtering including fish eye, pixelate, blur, saturation, and many more. It also integrates with the device camera so you can send photo directly from the camera roll.

One of the best features of Whoo Messenger is the voice distortion tool. It allows you to change the tone and timbre of your voice to disguise your identity.

Whoo Messenger - Anonymous Chat with your Facebook Friends and Strangers


Pros and Cons


  • Offers cute animal avatars
  • Allows you to send anonymous chat
  • Allows you to guess the identity of the sender
  • Advanced photo filters
  • Offers voice distortion
  • Block and report features


  • Chats may contain crude humor

Final Thoughts

Whoo Messenger allows you to send and receive anonymous chat and voice messages. This app is both a messaging service and a guessing game. It offers several exciting features including cute avatars, photo filters, and voice distortion.


Whoo Messenger - Anonymous Chat with your Facebook Friends and Strangers

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