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Face Mask HD app review: transform your photos with awesome masks



The App Store is full of apps that can enhance your pictures in various different ways. There are apps that allow you to change the style of the photo, apps that let you add cute stickers, and there are even apps that let you transform your photos into cartoons. Now, with the Face Mask HD app, you can add fun and interesting masks to the people in your photos. The final effect is actually quite stunning: you’ll find it hard to believe the masks aren’t real. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Face Mask HD - Add Funny FX to your Photos or Videos and Replace your Head to share


Fun with Masks

Face Mask HD is one of those apps that everyone can have fun with. It’s a real game changer. With so many apps offering the same or a similar set of tools for editing photos it’s refreshing when you find an app like this that allows you to do something just a little bit different with your photos. This isn’t a highly complicated photo editor: it’s a straightforward, basic app that does one simple thing so if you’re looking for a true photo editor this app is not what you’re looking for. There’s only one tool, and that’s the ability to add masks to your photos.

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While you can certainly have a lot of fun with this app there are a couple of annoying features that detract from the app's overall appeal. The first thing you see when you open this app is a full-paged plug by the developers to get you to download their other apps. There also large banner ads throughout the app. The other major drawback for this app is that the vast majority of masks are only available through in-app purchase. The free version only has a couple of choices. This app will require 51.4 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

Creating masks with your photos is quite simple with Face Mask HD. When you open the app you’ll see four different categories to choose from. Each one has 15 different selections to choose from but only the first three in each category are completely free. Once you make your selection the app automatically opens your camera so that you can take a picture to use, or you can select an existing photo from your own library. Once you’ve selected your photo all you have to do is tap the checkmark to apply the mask to your photo.

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If you don’t think the mask is applied in the correct position you can tap on the adjustment tool on the left-hand side of the bottom menu to move it. This allows you to expand or contract the area of the face that the mask is applied to by dragging on the handles that are placed in several spots around the face. It’s a great way to ensure that your mask looks as real as possible. 

Face Mask HD - Add Funny FX to your Photos or Videos and Replace your Head to share


Pros and Cons


  • Four different categories of masks with 15 masks in each category
  • Applying masks is simple: you just tap on the checkmark
  • Includes effective adjustment tool


  • Full of ads
  • Most of the masks require in-app purchase

Final Words

Face Mask HD is a great little app that lets you add fun and realistic masks to your photos. There are lots of masks to choose from, although many of them require in-app purchases to access them.  If you’re looking for a new way to spice up some old photos you might want to give this one a try. 


Face Mask HD - Add Funny FX to your Photos or Videos and Replace your Head to share

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