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Brain Tuner Pro app review: sharpening your mind with challenging math games



Brain Tuner Pro offers fun math games designed to keep your mind sharp and in top condition. It offers a lively colorful interface, responsive navigation, and easy touch controls. It offers four challenging modes: classic, multiplayer, infinite, and relaxed. It also allows you to share your achievements and high scores to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Developed by GreenGar Studios, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The best iPhone apps for learning Math 2021

Brain Tuner Pro


Enjoy Solving Math Problems with Brain Tuner Pro

Typical brain game apps usually offer puzzles which can become boring after a while. They also have complicated pages cluttered with loads of confusing data. This is not the case with Brain Tuner Pro.

The best iPad apps for learning Math

Brain Tuner Pro offers a refreshing interface with lively colors. It also offers challenging math games instead of the typical puzzles. The app boasts of having more than three million users and it is consistently getting high ratings on the App Store.

When you open Brain Tuner for the first time, you will be welcomed by a well-designed home screen that gives you access to the game modes. There are four options available for you: the classic mode, infinite play, multiplayer, and relaxed games.

The classic mode allows you to answer math problems in the fastest time possible. The faster you answer the questions correctly, the more stars you earn. You can then use the stars to unlock more games and features. If you get a perfect score in the classic mode, the app unlocks 10 new levels.

The multiplayer mode allows you to challenge your friends via the Game Center. This is a competitive game and you need to get a high score to improve your rank. For more leisurely play, you can try the relaxed mode and the infinite games.

If you want to showcase your high scores on social media, then tap the Facebook or Twitter logos to post your achievements on your timeline.

Best Features of Brain Tuner Pro

Brain Tuner Pro offers an easy to use interface with simple navigation. The workflow is seamless and you can switch between games without trouble. The app is well-designed with cartoon graphics and a funny-looking character.

The best iPad apps for math games

The app offers four game modes with dozens of challenging levels. It allows you to solve math equations, basic arithmetic, and more complex problems. As you advance through the levels, the games become more challenging.

One of the best features of this app is the multiplayer option. You can challenge your friends or any random player to a competitive turn-based online game.

And lastly, Brain Tuner Pro rewards you with gold stars for fastest time and highest accuracy. You can collect gold stars in order to unlock more levels and game features.

Brain Tuner Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Fun graphics
  • Dozens of challenging levels and math problems
  • Four game modes
  • Allows multiplayer games
  • Allows you to collect gold stars
  • Supports social media sharing
  • Competitive global leaderboard


  • Needs a new update
  • Suffers from occasional crashes

Final Thoughts

Brain Tuner Pro offers fun math games to keep your mind alert. It is easy to use but it offers challenging problem solving games in four game modes. This app is perfect for the whole family.


Brain Tuner Pro

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