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Meerkat Math HD app review: win exciting races by solving math problems



Meerkat Math app uses the fun environment of arcade gaming to teach children how to solve basic math questions. The problems in this Meerkat math for iPhone app cover basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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The engaging cartoon graphics and lively sound in this Meerkat math app will encourage children to race against other meerkats while solving questions. Developed by RevSquared, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Keep reaing our Meerkat app review for more details. 

Meerkat Math HD


Mastering Basic Arithmetic by Racing Meerkats

Meerkat Math HD takes you into the wonderful world of meerkats who are trying to outrun each other while answering math questions.

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This app effectively uses the exciting format of an arcade game to teach children how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It offers several mini games set in colorful environments.

Meerkat Math HD was developed by two educators. Before releasing the app to the market, the developers conducted a battery of tests to determine the effectiveness of the game.

The result is impressive because Meerkat Math will surely encourage children to practice mental calculations. The given problems are simple and specifically designed for children in grades one to four. It can be used as a teaching tool in lieu of the usual flashcards.

To get started with the game, the player needs to complete one mini game first. The app takes the player to a race track where there are cute little meerkats raring to run.

When it is time to run, a question written in big bold red letters will be flashed on top of the screen. The player needs to tap the correct answer so they can get ahead of the race. The one who answers the fastest wins the race. A new mini-game will be unlocked and the race will start again.

Mastering Basic Arithmetic by Racing Meerkats image

Best Features of Meerkat Math HD

Meerkat Math HD offers a well-designed gaming interface with impressive graphics, animation, and sound effects. This app effectively uses elements of arcade gaming to encourage children to solve the questions.

The game covers basic arithmetic. It starts with simple addition and slowly progresses towards more challenging equations. As the player unlocks more levels, the questions become tougher.

Meerkat Math offers eight exciting mini games set in the amazing world of meerkats. Each mini-game is a race so the one playing must answer the question quickly.

One of the best features of this game is the multi-player mode. It allows your children to challenge other players around the world through the Game Center.

Best Features of Meerkat Math HD image

Meerkat Math HD


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and professionally designed
  • Impressive graphics and colorful backdrop
  • Engaging sound effects
  • Loads of basic math problems
  • Clear and colorful texts
  • Allows players to tap the answer
  • 8 mini-games
  • Allows players to unlock more games
  • Supports multi-player online mode


  • Needs to add achievements to motivate the children

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Meerkat Math HD is one of the most engaging math games on the App Store. It offers an impressive gaming interface with lively soundtrack and effects. The game is simple but fast-paced. It is recommended for school children in Grades One through Four.

Meerkat Math HD

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