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Sushi Monster app review: improving math fact fluency and mental calculation



Sushi Monster is a fun and challenging math game designed to improve math fluency. It offers an arcade-style game where the goal is to feed the hungry monster with correct combinations of numbered sushi. The game complies with Common Core State Standards and covers addition and multiplication. Developed by Scholastic, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Sushi Monster


Satisfy the Sushi Monster Using Your Math Skills

Sushi Monster offers a training platform to sharpen your kid’s math fact fluency. The game has been tested by experts and it was able to meet the common core standards. It is both challenging and enjoyable so kids will have a great time practicing their math skills.

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Your goal in this game is to feed the sushi monster with the right math equation represented by delicious sushi. A correct answer will satisfy the monster and you will earn points and stars. If you answered wrong, the monster will push away the sushi plates and will throw a tantrum.

The game starts when the sushi monster pops up at the center of a round table. He wears a target number around his neck. Then, several plates of numbered sushi will be served by the chef surrounding the monster.

At the top of the screen is a game board where you can find the target number, number sentence, and the score. You have to tap two correct numbered plates to meet the target number.

So if your target number is 300 and you’re playing the addition game, you have to quickly tap two plates that will be equal to 300. When you answer correctly, the game proceeds to the next round until you complete the level. You will earn high scores and perfect stars if you are accurate and fast. Scores drop significantly if your answers are wrong. And of course, the sushi monster will be angry at you.

Best Features of Sushi Monster

Sushi monster offers impressive Asian-inspired graphics with engaging music and sound effects. It is colorful and offers a lively vibe to make the game more enjoyable.

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This game offers 12 structured challenges covering seven addition levels and five multiplication levels. Each level has four rounds and each round requires you to complete 14 target numbers. As you progress through the levels, the game becomes more difficult.

Sushi Monster offers loads of rewards to motivate the players. You will earn points for every correct answer. Accuracy is rewarded too, with golden stars. It offers trophies for successfully collecting 30 stars. The game allows you to replay different levels so you can improve your personal best score.

Sushi Monster


Pros and Cons


  • Offers fun and colorful graphics
  • Engaging music and sound effects
  • 12 challenging levels
  • Covers addition and multiplication
  • Offers rewards including personal high scores, gold stars, and trophies


  • Game pace maybe too fast for beginners

Final Thoughts

Sushi Monster by Scholastic is one of the most enjoyable math games in the App Store. It offers challenging levels that cover addition and multiplication. The game is intuitively designed and simple enough for small children. Sushi Monster is recommended for children in Grades Three to Five.


Sushi Monster

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